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Borusan EnBW Enerji

                     Ornithological Observation

                     Studies during Construction

                     and Operation Stage

                     During the construction and operation stage of Balabanlı, Koru, Fuat and
                     Kartaldağı Wind Power Plants, Investments and Operations Departments
                     initiated ornithological observations for 2 years to minimize environmental
                     impacts, observe wildlife around the plants and maintain sustainability.

                     Studies were carried out during Spring and Fall with a 50 thousand dol-
                     lars budget. Ornithological observations were conducted and reported in

                     cooperation with Akdeniz University. The turbines sometimes are stopped
                     when necessary by the direction of experts in order to eliminate negative
                     impacts on birds.


                     Targeted Gains

                     Environmental: Sustain wildlife, primarily birds, in the region,

                     Social: Contribute to the preservation of national values by complying
                     with environmental and social procedure and conserving the

                     Corporate: Continue with the observation in the following years if
                     required by experts and official institutions.

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