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One Sapling for One Coil Project from


                                  For each coil produced at Borçelik, a sapling is grown. These saplings
                                  are grown in a facility built on a 2 thousand square meters site within
                                  the factory premises.

                                  We intend to create forest areas by growing 200 thousand saplings
                                  each year for 5 years with a budget of TRY 100 thousand and 1 million
                                  trees in total. The grown saplings are gifted to schools, universities,
                                  public institutions, municipalities,  clients and factory employees for
                                  planting. The saplings not distributed during the year are donated to
                                  Regional Directorate of Forestry with the provision to plant.

                                  In 2017, we granted a total of 28,435 saplings where 27,300 were given
                                  to Mardin Kızıltepe Mezopotamya Anadolu High School.

                +               Economic: Supporting villagers to gain income through stone pines in

                                the long run
                                Social: Encouraging tree planting, enjoying nature and enhancing
                Gains           social responsibility consciousness

                                Environmental: Building forests by forestation of appropriate lands,
                                preserving nature
                                Corporate: Corroborating the eco-friendly company image of Borçelik

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