Page 123 - BSR17-EN
P. 123

waste          Supsan - Switching to

 management      Multi Inspection System

                   After the occurrence of high levels of penetrant waste following the use of pen-
                   etrant liquid in crack detection in products, we put the target of reducing this
                   waste, and a new bench design and implementation with a 210 thousand Euro
                   investment was brought in.

                   +                       Economic: With the project, we achieved 15%

                                           reduction in penetrant liquid consumption, and an initial
                                           price advantage of about 1,500 Euros.
                                           Social: The use of new technology machinery increased

                                           the employees’ motivation. We have rewarded our team
                                           for the successful completion of the project.
                                           Environmental: With this project, the penetrant liquid
                                           expenditure and the penetrant waste volume reduced.

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