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Blue Belt Movement – A Bosphorus


            “Borusan Ocean Volunteers” formed by Borusan’s volunteering employ-
            ees undersigned a collaboration project with Clean Sea Association TUR-
            MEPA. Under the scope of the project with the hashtag slogan #KoyVer-

            meBoyVer (Don’t Slack Up, Just Check the Depth), the Borusan Volunteers
            joined the TURMEPA educational programs and became voluntary train-
            ers in informing people in their companies and their surroundings about
            the seas.

            In this Project where Borusan Mak-
            ine ve Güç Sistemleri assumed the       90% of the liquid waste on
            Ocean Group Leadership, 27 em-
                                                    earth is dumped into the
            ployees from Borusan Makina ve
            Güç Sistemleri, Bukoli, Borusan         rivers and seas untreated,
            Danışmanlık, Borusan Oto/Otomo-
                                                    whereas the 50-70% of
            tiv, Borusan EnBW Enerji, Borusan
            Manheim, Borusan Mannesmann,            the oxygen in the world is
            Borçelik and Kerim Çelik joined in
                                                    provided by the planktons
            a three-day training program and

            received “Trainer’s Training” certif-   living in the seas. 80% of the
            icate to become a “TURMEPA Vol-
                                                    pollution in the seas is made
            untary Trainer”.
                                                    directly by humans.

            Borusan Ocean Volunteers briefed
            876 students and 36 school teachers about the importance of seas in
            Borusan Asım Kocabıyık Vocational and Technical High School, Gebze
            Balçık  Primary,  Emirgan  Primary,  Sarıyer  Mehmet  İpgin  Secondary  ve
            Borusan Oto Zehra – Nurhan Kocabıyık Secondary schools in a total of

            nine-hour training through March, April and May. The pupils of Borusan
            Asım Kocabıyık Vocational and Technical High School organized a shore-
            line cleansing event after the training they received. They also did a de-
            sign work by utilizing waste materials.

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