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message from

    the group CEO

                               At Supsan, we made two important         environment and work conditions
                               production investments; establish-       at Borusan CAT Gebze Campus

                               ment of Supsan R&D Center and            and at Borçelik we made invest-
                               the L line. As a result of increasing    ments to minimize the health and
                               customer demand, we aimed to             safety risks of product inventory
                               enhance the capacity of Supsan.          areas.
                               We launched 21 new products in
                               the local spare parts market.            In general, we implemented many
                                                                        performance improvement invest-
                               In accordance with the Borusan           ments on environment and health
                               Oto Authorized Dealer and Tech-          and safety across our group com-

                               nical Service expansion network          panies.  The details  of  these  pro-
                               plan, we opened Samandıra office         jects are given in the relevant sec-
                               to utilize potential and increase        tion of this report.
                               sales and after sales revenues
                               along with brand awareness and           We continued to deploy occupa-
                               customer satisfaction.                   tional development trainings for
                                                                        our employees from all levels of the

                                                                        organization under Borusan Acad-
                      We spent USD 15 million                           emy roof. We pursue continuous

                      in social projects during                         development in our occupational
                                                                        health and safety performance in
                             the reporting period.
                                                                        line with our target of zero accident
                                                                        and our priority to create safer and
                               In our companies operating in            healthier workplaces for our em-
                               logistics, machinaryand steel in-        ployees, customers and suppliers.
                               dustries, we mainly made invest-

                               ments to enhance employee health         We continue to execute projects
                               and  happiness.  Our  investments        that support United Nations Sus-
                               included  Borusan  Lojistik  Gemlik      tainable Development Goals. We
                               Port  Social  Building  Modification     live and witness the positive im-
                               Project, a project to improve office     pacts of these projects every day.

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