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Borçelik Reducing Surface Cleaning Line

  water     Demineralized Water Consumption


            In order to measure and control water consumption instantaneously, automated meters
            were installed. Valve positions were adjusted to ideal consumption rate. Leakage between
            pools were stopped by the barriers fitted in. A warning/alarm system was fitted to provide
            instant intervention ability in the case of an excessive water consumption. We have experi-
            enced difficulty in determining what areas were to be intervened because of the closed loop
            system in processes, and we benefited from our team members’ experiences and skills in
            overcoming this. The targeted consumption reduction of 30% was realized as 34%.

                               Economic: The implementation of the project yielded 58,000 US
               +               Dollars a year return.

                               Social: We prevented wasting of water that would serve the needs of
               Results         hundreds of thousands of people every year.

                               Environmental: By consuming an unrenewable natural source of ours
                               less, we managed to leave 24,500 tons of water back in the earth.
                               Corporate: We built a constant tracking system within 6 sigma control

            Borusan Mannesmann Improvement of

            Water Use in Gemlik Rinsing Baths

            While reducing the water consumed in the rinsing baths in ERW Factory Completion Lines
            by about 30%, we managed to discharge less polluted water out to the water treatment
            facility thanks to the revision of the chemicals used in the rinsing baths in order to increase
            the cleaning effect of the baths on the manufactured pipes. We have aimed to save on both
            water and chemicals by making this discharged water reusable.

            Because the pre-rinsing baths were made of steel sheets, they corroded very rapidly due to
            low pH, which required us to replace the re-rinsing baths in all three facilities.

               +               Economic: An additional cost of 43,154 US Dollars was accrued.

                               Environmental: We  reduced the  waste water  load  coming to  the
               Results         treatment facility by discharging less water with same water pollution,
                               thereby reducing the operational cost at the treatment facility.

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