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Borçelik CGL 1

                 Reducing Energy Consumption

                 We completed 6-month
                 validation phase of the
                 Project which we initiated
                 to reduce high energy
                 consumption. We saved
                 19,428 US Dollars in 6
                 months. By methodology
                 and equipment change,
                 we achieved positive

                 developments in work
                 safety and labor health
                 which are part of our
                 corporate culture. Energy
                 saving is achieved
                 by actions taken and
                 production cost/ton


            LED Conversion of

            the Lighting Systems in

            Borusan Lojistik Port Area and

            The Cranes

                               With the LED conversion project, we started in order to reduce the illumi-
                               nation costs and improve on the legally mandatory illumination levels in
                               Borusan Port, we aimed to reach energy savings up to 80% and started
                               saving 1.5 million kWh energy annually. With this system, 665 tons less
                               CO e emission will occur compared to the old system.

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