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            Gemlik SP Plant

            Energy Efficiency

            To reduce the loss by 10% in spiral production
            and coating plant air pressure lines we imple-
            mented a 15 thousand TL investment which
            led to 90 thousand kWh/year energy saving
            and 24 thousand TL saving accordingly. Our

            annual greenhouse gas emissions dropped to
            45 tons of CO e.

            Borusan Mannesmann Gemlik

            ERW Plant Cooling Water

            Closed Circulation

                                                                        In order to reduce unnecessary
                                                                        energy consumption and down-
                                                                        time, by doing closed circulation
                                                                        in SRM furnace inductors cooling
                                                                        water reverse circulation pump line
                                                                        and using 7.5 kWh scuba pump in-
                                                                        stead of 55 kWh centrifugal pump
                                                                        we targeted 86,4% improvement

                                                                        in energy consumption. As a result
                                                                        of improvement, we achieved 269
                                                                        thousand kWh energy saving and
                                                                        67 thousand TL saving accord-
                                                                        ingly. Our annual greenhouse gas
                                                                        emissions dropped to 133 tons of
                                                                        CO e.

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