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Borusan Mannesmann Gemlik

            ERW Plant Completion Lines

            Energy Efficiency

                               By implementing inner pipe coating surface quality improvement with 864
                               thousand  Turkish  Lira  investment  in  the  first  Galvanize  Line  inner  pipe
                               wiping system, we targeted 40% energy consumption reduction. The im-
                               provements implemented led to 111,436 kWh energy saving per year and
                               116 thousand Turkish Liras in budgetary terms accordingly. Our annual
                               greenhouse gas emissions dropped to 55 tons of CO e..

            Borçelik HNX Direct Reduction Furnace

            Natural Gas Consumption Reduction

                               We targeted reduction in production costs by reducing natural gas con-
                               sumption per unit HNX direct reduction furnace and thus, reduce emis-
                               sions.  We  achieved  10%  natural  gas  saving  (20,6  sm /ton)  and  104
                               thousand US Dollars in annual terms. We prevented 846 tons of CO e
                               emissions by saving natural gas.

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