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Borçelik Steam Cost Reduction

                                       We implemented practices with 150 thousand US Dollars bud-
                                       get to reduce steam cost by 10% and reduce production cost
                                       at auxiliary facilities. We aim to save 100 thousand US Dollars
                                       annually and prevent 838 tons of CO e emissions.

            Borçelik CGL3

            Reducing Energy Consumption

                               We targeted 6% reduction in energy consumption and reduce production
                               costs by practices such as; applying driver to hydraulic engine entry and
                               exit, LED transformation of projectors in the line and turning off unnec-
                               essary during equipment during maintenance time. After two months of
                               validation, we achieved 11% energy saving and prevented 513 tons of
                               CO e emission.

              Borusan Mannesmann Gemlik ERW

              Boron Oil Station Power Consumption

              Reduction Project

                                                                        We targeted a 75% improvement
                                                                        in power consumption at ERW
                                                                        plant boron oil station by adding
                                                                        a 0.5 bar capacity blower instead
                                                                        of 6 bar pressurized air. After im-
                                                                        plementation, we saved 1,249,097
                                                                        kWh/year energy and 312 thou-
                                                                        sand TL accordingly. OHS risk de-

                                                                        creased due to bar reduction. Our
                                                                        annual greenhouse gas emissions
                                                                        dropped to 618 tons of CO e. We
                                                                        implemented the practice in all bo-
                                                                        ron oil stations.

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