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Continuing Energy Management

            Projects Started Before

            The Reporting Period

            Project to Reduce Energy Consumption

            at Borçelik

                               As a result of cost reduction and energy consumption reduction in un/
                               planned stoppage of the RCM – reversible cold mill lines we save 130
                               thousand  dollars  annually  and  prevent  approximately  715  tons  CO e

            LED Lighting Automation

            at Borçelik

                               LED fitting transition is done at three halls of Borçelik production line.
                               The return on investment duration was 9.6 months. We achieve a total of
                               45,700 kWh energy savings at these three lines monthly.

            Reducing Natural Gas Consumption at

            Borçelik Regeneration Plant

                               As a result of the improvement project to avoid failures and unplanned

                               stoppages at hydrochloric acid regeneration plant which increase natural
                               gas consumption, we started saving 200 thousand dollars and additional-
                               ly prevent 1,372  tons CO e emission annually.

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