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mental performance last year, and
                                                     Today, with over 9,400
            included more information on wa-
            ter performance in this report.          employees including

                                                     subcontractors in 3 continents
            As Borusan Group, in all our busi-
                                                     and 10 countries, we care much
            ness lines we focus on sustainable
            growth while creating value for our      about people and environment,
            stakeholders.  Our  companies  ex-
                                                     and sustain our business with
            ecute planned projects to control
            and  minimize  their  environmental      a transparent and accountable

            impacts. Contributing in the solu-
                                                     management approach.
            tion of social problems of the com-
            munity we live in is another priority
            we embrace. With this approach           awatts. We added 10 new wind
            we intend to be a good example of        power plants of 396.5 megawatts
            a business group that operates in        installed capacity in our portfolio
            harmony with its natural and social      through capacity tenders in 2017.
            environment.                             The administrative permit process-
                                                     es of these projects have already

            Our  consolidated  group  revenue        started, and we aim to start con-
            in 2017 was USD 4.7 billion, and         structions in 2019. Through these,
            operational  profit  was  USD  418       capacity of our investable portfolio
            million. As we continue to invest        reached 1,150 megawatts.
            for our companies’ sustainable
            growth, we engaged and invested          Borusan Mannesmann, Europe’s
            in many projects regarding health        one of the leading and Turkey’s

            and safety, employee satisfaction,       largest steel pipe manufacturer has
            environmental protection and ef-         over 40% share in high value-add-
            ficiency.  Our  investment  amount       ed products market. Oil, natural
            reached USD 364 million with our         gas and automotive are the main
            investments mainly on energy and         growth areas. In 2017, in order to
            pipe businesses.                         create competitive advantage and
                                                     to grow in automotive and high
            Borusan EnBW Enerji’s renewa-            value-added standard pipe pro-
            ble investments; Gaziantep Kart-         duction, we decided to make USD

            aldağı WPP, Mersin Pamuklu SPP           75 million fixed asset investment.
            and Kırklareli Kıyıköy WPP started       With this investment, we intend
            operating in 2017. With the capac-       to maintain our leadership in local
            ity  increase,  Balabanlı  WPP’s  in-    market and become one of the top
            stalled capacity reached 495 meg-        three manufacturers in Europe.

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