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No Tough Work for Women

            at Borçelik!

            We designed the project to in-           We initiated the women labor move in flat
            crease     women      workforce    in    steel industry. We plan to continue the
            Borçelik  production  lines  under
            four major phases; 1-Preparation,        initiative by the support from vocational
            2-Receiving Applications and Se-         school coaching program and increase
            lecting Candidates, 3-Training and       the number of women in production in
            Development Activities, 4- Re-
            cruitment.                               all locations after evaluating the women
                                                     candidates’ compliance process.
            During the preparation phase,
            OHS experts and HR executives
            performed Kaizen study for a day.
            We evaluated all legal necessi-
            ties of women employment. We
            developed  role  descriptions  for
            possible positions, analyzed risks
            and operational drawbacks and
            determined staffing needs. During
            the second phase; we collaborat-
            ed with İŞKUR Bursa and Gemlik
            branches. We used a supportive
            language such as “You can do
            it, too” and “You can be a crane
            operator, too” to draw more can-
            didates. Nearly two thousand peo-
            ple applied to these ads.

            A long list is created after prelim-
            inary interviews and personality
            assessments.  26  candidates,  af-
            ter field visits and final interviews
            followed by health check partic-
            ipated in training program. Dur-
            ing the third phase, we provided
            candidates with theory and prac-
            tical trainings that lasted for two
            months.  By means of  on the  job
            training program we ensured that
            the candidates are fully proficient
            in occupational and technical
            terms  and  we  recruited  them  at
            our factory.

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