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    the group CEO



                                                                        As Borusan Holding, we are happy
                                                                        to share our eighth sustainability
                                                                        report that we publish since 2009.
                                                                        As a pioneer of sustainability re-
                                                                        porting in Turkey, we used interna-
                                                                        tionally accepted Global Reporting

                                                                        Initiative (GRI) Reporting Guide-
                                                                        lines  since  the  first  report.  Since
                                                                        last year we base our reports on
                                                                        the New GRI Standards.

                                                                        Today, with over 9,400 employees
                                                                        including subcontractors in 3 con-

                                                                        tinents and 10 countries, we care
                                                                        much about people and environ-
                                                                        ment, and sustain our business
                                                                        with a transparent and accounta-
                                                                        ble management approach.
                                    AGAH UĞUR

                               GROUP CEO                                Besides GRI criteria, we share our
                                                                        performance  with  our  stakehold-
                                                                        ers based on UN 2030 Sustaina-

                                                                        ble Development Goals since last
                                                                        year. As a consequence, in addi-
                                                                        tion to energy, emission and waste
                                                                        management  topics,  we  included
                                                                        water management within environ-

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