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 Borusan Lojistik

 OHS Academy

 In Borusan Lojistik Şekerpınarı warehouse, we shared   RESULTS AND GAINS
 recorded unsafe actions and near miss situation videos
 with all warehouse employees during all shift trainings   ECONOMIC Job efficiency
 to reduce accidents originated from unsafe actions.  increased due to reduction in

 occupational accidents.

 SOCIAL Occupational safety
 awareness increased. 80%
 increase was recorded in the
 number of feedbacks from

 the staff. Near miss reporting
 numbers increased by 70%.

 CORPORATE Employees

 motivation to work with safer
 attitudes increased.

 Automated Fire
                  Supsan Indoor Ventilation System Investment
 Extinguishing System Investment

                  We installed Indoor Ventilation
 We installed Automated Fire Extinguishing System in merchandise storage   System  with a TRY  40 thou-  TARGETED GAINS
 to intervene effectively in case of fire. We completed the sprinkling system   sand budget in order to reduce   ECONOMIC To increase employee efficiency.
 investment installed on 1,150 m  land with a budget of TRY 60 thousand.  the temperature in the factory   SOCIAL To improve workplace conditions
                  during summer and improve            regarding OHS.
                  indoor  air  quality.  All  internal
 TARGETED GAINS                                        ENVIRONMENTAL To blow out air through
                  stakeholders will be positive-       filtration.
 ECONOMIC To reduce potential fire risk and corresponding economic loss risk  ly  impacted  by  the  investment   CORPORATE To increase employee
 SOCIAL To ensure safety and security of staff and plant in case of a potential fire.  which is completed by estab-  satisfaction by improving indoors and air
 ENVIRONMENTAL To minimize environmental risks in case of a potential fire.  lishing two air sucking and one   quality.
 CORPORATE To improve corporate risk assessment result.  air blowing lines in the factory.

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