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 BorusanEnBW Enerji

 Safety in One Minute Sharings

 In all RES and HES operations under   any job safely, and what they can do
 Borusan  EnBW  Enerji,  Safely  One   to work safely without causing other

 Minute  Shares  took  place  among   colleagues  or  the  environment  any
 the activities under the leadership of   harm. Every email body contains the
 HSE Department and the Operations   phrase, ‘Even a minute that you will

 to raise the OHS and environmental   spare for safety is so valuable for us.’
 awareness that lasted for a year from   The facility technicians who take part   Borusan EnBW Enerji

 March 2016 on.  in  this  project  prepare  these  shares   Safe Living Training
 with support from HSE Department,
            (OHS and Environmental Awareness Training)
 Safety in One Minute Sharing is the   and publish on Monday, Wednesday

 first  email  the  employees  see  when   and  Friday  every  week.  Its  purpose
 they  open  their  mailboxes  in  the   is to make facility teams do research   Our technicians at Borusan EnBW Enerji Yedigöl Aksu   RESULTS AND GAINS
            Hydroelecetric Plant built over Aksu River spotted lo-
 morning three days a week. This email   on the safe work topic, thereby indig-
            cal children posing dangerous actions around the plant.       Target audience is reached
 contains an informative letter with im-  enizing the process and making the   Therefore, we initiated an education campaign led by   by completion of the project.
 ages explaining the precautions to do   learned information permanent.  the plant and head office HSE Departments to increase   Children were raised awareness
            awareness of children at İspir district schools and pre-      on dangers they may encounter
            venting potential threats around the plants.                  at home, school, park, on the

                                                                          road and even at an energy
 RESULTS AND GAINS  Following the legal permits obtained from National Ed-  plant, and the protection
            ucation  Provincial  Directorate,  İspir  District  Governor-
            ship and İspir Municipality, we contacted ÇEVKO (En-          methods from these dangers.
 The Facility Technician who undertook the leadership of the project
            vironment Protection Association) for the videos in the
 received the Borusan EnBW Enerji Distinguished OHS Application of   education material and CME (Chamber of Mechanical   In 2017, the aim is to repeat

 The Year Award.  Engineers) for the booklets they prepared. By organiz-  the project at İspir village
            ing  OHS  and  Environment  Awareness  Trainings  with        roads during spring when
            tailored content for different children age groups, local     the snow melts. On the other
 In 2017, we aim to turn this practice into safety calendar and publish
            conditions and safe living topics were pointed out.           hand, the training is planned
 it monthly to the entire company, and commence every meeting with        to be deployed to other seven
 a safety note special to that date along with the Safety Calendar. It is   1,501 students from all İspir District primary and middle   Borusan EnBW Enerji plants

 also in the plans in the upcoming years to have a printed version of   schools were reached in 5-7 May 2016 with the contri-  in Tekirdağ, Çanakkale, Bursa,
            butions of 8 volunteers from which three of them were         Balıkesir, İzmir, Mersin and
 this calendar given to everyone at the beginning of each year.
            full-time Borusan volunteers.                                 Gaziantep.

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