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 At  Borusan  Group  compa-  16.5%. The ratio of women ex-

 nies, we promise fair, safe and   ecutives  to  all  executives  was
 healthy  work  environment  for   12%.
 our employees and we guaran-
 tee  that  they  practice  all  labor   At  Borusan  Group,  we  believe
 and  human  rights  in  line  with   that social and personal welfare

 laws and regulations. Business   reside  in  unconditional  equal-
 Ethics Rules policy guides our   ity  of  women-men.  Human  re-
 group  regarding  human  and   sources policies based on op-

 employee rights.  portunity  and  social  gender
    equality constitute the basis for
 According to our business eth-  our human resources practices,
 ics rules and company policies,   while  works  aiming  at  raising
 child labor and forced labor are   awareness among stakeholders

 strictly prohibited at group com-  and the society are conducted.
 panies. To date, no incidents re-  OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH
 garding violation of the freedom   For  this  purpose,  we  estab-

 of association and union rights   lished  the  social  equality  plat-  AND SAFETY
 have occurred and none of our   form  named  “Equal  Borusan”.
 operations carry an obvious risk   In the scope of this employee-   At all Borusan Group companies, providing   can  convey  their  suggestions,  complaints
 in this manner at group compa-  initiative platform, we transform   a safer, healthier work environment for em-  and expectations regarding health and safe-
 nies. As of 2016 end, 81.5% of   our  language,  perspective  and   ployees, clients and suppliers is our business   ty. Suggestions from committees are one of

 our  blue-collar  employees  are   the way we do business into an   priority. In 2016, we continued risk analy-  the main enablers for the constant develop-
 covered by a collective bargain-  equal structure. We aim to cre-  ses, performance measurements, trainings,   ment of OHS performance.
 ing agreement. This ratio is %28   ate  awareness  in  mind  set  via   practices and infrastructure improvements

 for all employees. (GRI 102-41)  this transformation. Our objec-  in accordance with our zero-occupational   In 2015, we intended to establish “Borusan
 tive is to form a happy and suc-  accident target. We provided 85,420 hours   OHS Group” in order to develop OHS cul-
 Due to the nature of industries   cessful  future  where  no  social   of OHS trainings to 7,460 people, including   ture among group companies and provide
 we operate in, Borusan Group   perception  or  role,  especially   contractor employees.  a platform where companies share their ex-
 companies are preferred most-  gender,  will  prohibit  equality.   periences and learn from each other. OHS

 ly by male employees and thus,   Details about this platform are   At all Borusan Group companies, we have   trainings include 6% of all trainings across
 the ratio of women employees   located in the Women Empow-  Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Com-  group companies. In the reporting period,
 to  all  office  employees  was   erment section of our report.  mittees that represent entire workforce. OHS   we  provided  around  29  thousand  hours

            Committees act as an internal communica-           OHS training to 8,500 people including sub-
            tion mechanism where group employees               contractor employees.

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