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            Borusan Academy                                                                                                             Borusan Lojistik

            Faculty and Proficiency Programs                                                                                            Program of Creating
                                                                                                                                        a Feed Back Culture (+Value Project–Phase II)
            There  are  faculty  and  proficiency  programs    Group are the target group of the Sales Fac-
            under  the  roof  of  Borusan  Academy.  We        ulty. In addition to these, we aim to develop                             After Borusan Lojistik acquired Balnak        while the managers joined the Culture
            have  been  running  the  Leadership  Faculty      black belt managers in Lean 6 Sigma Faculty                               Lojistik company, in order to merge           of Feedback Creation Program. Ware-
            since 2007 and the Sales Faculty since 2008        Black Belt Development Program which was                                  both  companies’  employees  as  one          house Operations Leaders who man-
            with Sabancı Edu Partnership, the Financial        revised in 2016 and adopted as the preferred                              team and to establish the collective          age the blue-collar employees on the

            Affairs  Proficiency  Program  since  2014  and    business methodology in Borusan. The Black                                corporate culture that will carry our         sites also participated. 105 Managers
            Purchasing Proficiency Program since 2016          Belt  Development  Program,  which  solely                                company to sustainable successful fu-         completed 9 trainings and 9 follow up
            with Boğaziçi University Partnership.              teaches Lean 6 Sigma Methodology, aims to                                 ture, we initiated +Value Project at the      work.  We also organized 6  trainings
                                                               develop skills such as change management,                                 end of 2014. Human Resources De-              for 120 employees among managers
            The  target  group  of  Leadership  Faculty  is    conflict management, facilitation, gaining the                            partment and Executive Management             and leaders. The aim of these train-
            the  future  leaders  of  Borusan  Group,  and     cooperation of others, and creating a positive                            sponsored the study that covered ap-          ings was to create leaders who com-
            all  newly  recruited  sales  teams  at  Borusan   perception.                                                               proximately 1,285 employees at Boru-          municate with its team who are in the
                                                                                                                                         san Lojistik offices.                         process of continues development by
                                                                                                                                                                                       motivating,  questioning  and  listening
                                                                                                                                         To facilitate different corporate cultures    to them, and also celebrating their
                                                                                                                                         and employee profiles to work togeth-         successes.
                In-House Trainer                                                                                                         er, we introduced workshops, class

                Development Program                                                                                                      trainings and survey with a budget of         We plan to continue all practices initi-
                                                                                                                                         TRY 780 thousand. In 2016, we sup-            ated via this project including new sug-
                Across Borusan Group, all trainings are outsourced, with the exception of Lean 6 Sig-                                    ported this work with video messages,         gestion system, performance culture,

                ma and the product trainings. We also specify individuals with skills to teach and trans-                                learning by experience, case studies          recognition  and rewarding practices,
                fer their own knowledge accumulation and expertise to others as ‘Internal Trainers’ in                                   and monitoring, and top management            open communication platforms, using
                Borusan Group, and develop their trainer skills and enable them to transfer what they                                    review and decision meetings.                 “we”  language,  celebrating  achieve-
                have to offer to other fellow Borusan members. To date, 102 white and blue-collar em-                                                                                  ments and dissemination of feedback
                ployees applied to this program.                                                                                         All our office staff joined +Value Project    culture, in the following years as well.

                TARGETED GAINS

                                                                                                                                        RESULTS AND GAINS
                ECONOMIC Reducing training budget by replacing outsourced training courses with
                in-house training courses given by internal trainers.                                                                   ECONOMIC We started experincing the positive impacts of open communication
                SOCIAL Creating a cultural environment where people share their knowledge and                                           and instant feed backs of employees and managers on various platforms, on our
                expertise within Borusan Group and learn from one another.                                                              business results
                CORPORATE Benefiting from our expert employees’ potentials at maximum level,                                            SOCIAL We were able to increase employee loyalty and motivation and maintain
                increasing motivation and the sense of ownership, creating a learning organisation,                                     all employees from different units to work for mutual goals. We also contributed
                maintaining enriched business, and meeting expectations of the participants at the                                      to our managers’ competence in team management, leadership, feed back and
                highest level.                                                                                                          performance communication.

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