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 360° Competency

 Assessment Process

 We intend to objectively assess the traits   mance.  Approximately  4,500  white-col-

 that help an employee fulfil and exceed   lar employees are subject to this process
 the necessities of her duties, authority,   every year.
 responsibilities and targets, and to iden-
 tify and develop improvement areas with-  Competency result is an effective feed-
 in  a  specific  term  through  Competency   back tool to utilize in education and train-

 Assessment.  ing, performance evaluation and career
 management. In 2016, we decided to
 We anticipate that the employee is evalu-  renovate this process in line with our per-

 ated by various parties such as her team,   formance management perspective to   Borusan
 superiors, peer stakeholders and that she   improve our development areas. We will
 receives an objective feedback through   share the new process and system with   New Generation Talent Development Program
 a multidimensional picture of her perfor-  our employees in 2017.
            We  execute  New  Generation  Talent  (NGT)  pro-        TARGETED GAINS
            gram in Borusan Group for the purpose of recruit-
            ing new graduates with high potential to be future       ECONOMIC
            managers, who are suitable for group companies’          We aspire to reduce our costs and

 Borusan    needs and developing them to be the future lead-         win time for our group in the long
            ers.                                                     run by recruiting the talents whom
 Leadership Development                                              we believe would be beneficial

 Program (BOLD)   We participated in career days, published adverts   managers in the future and promoting

            on social media, held case studies and made one-         them instead of looking for the right
 The  purpose  of  the  BOLD  Program  which  has  been  on  since  2011   to-one interviews with university students. NGTs   candidates at the market.
 across all locations of Borusan Group is to improve the climate of the   go through numerical, verbal, foreign language

 organization through supporting our executive management team and   tests, video interview and face-to-face interview   SOCIAL
 thus, to increase the business performance of our leaders.  stages before recruitment. For those NGTs who   We corroborate our brand power
                                                                     by social events we organize for
            successfully complete these stages, we provide           increasing the recognition and
 The program that involved the participation of our 109 managers in   monthly structured mentorship support for 1 year   awareness of Borusan Group brand.
 2016 included group coaching sessions in addition to 360 degrees in-  besides an 18-months development program. By
 ventory, preparation of inventory reports and giving one-to-one feed-  means of mentorship program, our new NGTs   CORPORATE

 back on results, coaching on action plan preparation, holding work-  quickly  adapt  Borusan  culture  and  benefit  from   Through adoption of talent and
 shops and trainings. We monitor improvement through BOLD scores   the experiences of Borusan leaders. Company   leaders of the future contexts
 obtained from inventory exercise results.  orientation programs follow introductory meet-  by all employees, we intend to

            ings. We intend to ensure that no NGT leaves             develop a mutual new generation
            Borusan Group except for private reasons.                consciousness.

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