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 Avita            Career Management Process

 Employee Support Program
                  In Borusan Group, we follow through career management process with regard to
 We initiated Avita Employee Support Program in order to   BORUSAN HOLDING   creating the required leadership pool internally by identifying potential from perfor-
 support our employees outside their work life and thereby   EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION   mance and offering employees with development opportunities. Our objective with
 create a better employee experience at our group compa-  APPROACH    career management is to make career plans that will provide occupational and per-
                  sonal development in line with group and company strategies by evaluating contri-
 The program which reaches approximately 3,000 employ-  > Borusan Academy Training and   butions of Borusan Group employees to their companies and jobs. Each year, 4,500
 ees, involves consultancy and information services where   Development Programs  office employees are included in this process. We intend to move maximum 10-15%
 our employees and their family members who live together   of our white-collar employees with high potential and performance to 3P pool (Group
 can benefit 7/24 on any topic that may cause stress on the   > Competence Assessment System   of Employees with High Potential and Performance).
 person or need further inquiry. Psychological and medical   > Performance Management Practices
 consultancy,  financial  and  legal  information,  back-waist-  > Career Planning
 neck pains and office ergonomics, healthy diet, new born   > Private Pension Scheme
 care, social life and similar topics are included in the ser-
 vice.   > Annual Satisfaction Survey
 Recommendation Systems                               Borçelik Gemlik
 In the next term, after making some communication adjust-  Effective Internal Communication
 ments, we intend to deploy this practice that we implement   Factory Employment
 to create happier Borusan employees, increase loyalty   > Borusan Social Clubs  Project
 thereby increase personal and corporate performance.   > Borusan Arts Activities

                                                      Human  Resources  Department  initiated  a  Project  in
                                                      March 2016 at Borusan Gemlik Campus in order to
                                                      solve the skilled blue-collar employment issue which
 Performance Management Practices                     is one of the major issues of HR today and enhance

                                                      the candidate pool.
 We oversee Performance Management Processes via online platform to measure em-

 ployee performance throughout the year, and prepare and implement their development   Online application screens are placed at the security
 plans according to the results of these measures. Our objectives of this process that con-  entrances, content of factory employee recruitment
 sists of 3 stages which are target setting, interim and annual evaluations, are to measure   exams is revised and prepared online and collective
 performance accurately to identify good performance; conduct analyses and assess-  exam days are organized in cooperation with İŞKUR
                                                      within Project scope.
 ments that would form a basis for
 4,043  personal development plans, train-
 ings, wages, rewarding and career                    RESULTS AND GAINS
 2,914  planning; create mutual target own-           In addition to diminishing economic losses due to
 3,075  2,818                                         challenges in finding the right candidates, process time
 ership and as a result, increase per-
                                                      losses of HR employees and costs of consultants,
 sonal  and  corporate  performance.
 2,050                                                and candidate assessment and recruitment processes
 During  the  reporting
period  in  our
                                                      are cut short. Number of candidates who apply at
 Group,  we  gave
feedback  to  86%                   the doors increased. 3,000 graduate candidates are
 1,025  of  our  employees  working  at  the          reached through vocational high school visits. Borçelik
 324  300  offices and 20% of our employees           employer brand is corroborated at vocational high

 0  working  at  the  factories,  on  their           schools. For monitoring and continuity of the process,
 2014  2015  2016                                     an employee in charge of factory employee recruitment
                                                      process is employed at Gemlik Campus.
 Employees at   Employees at
 the Factories   the Offices

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