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[SOCIAL PERFORMANCE]   At all Borusan Group locations, we have   At Borusan Group companies,
            nursing rooms available for working moth-
            ers. We provide special discounts for              total number of employees

 EMPLOYMENT and TRAINING  those women-men employees who own    increased by 7.5% in 2016.
            0-6 years of age children at specific day-
                                                               Women employee ratio
            cares, preschools and development pro-

            grams. All white-collar employees of our           increased by half point and
            group are covered by health insurance              became 16.5%.
            that involves both inpatient and outpatient

            Besides providing yearly check-up and                                              %16,5
            health insurance in various contents ac-
            cording to management level; we also of-
 — Maximizing the competence,   fer Employee Pension Plan for employees

            who are over 35 years of age with more
 motivation and performance of its   than 3-year seniority that would help them
            manage their retirement. In this context,
            we deduct employees’ salaries and add
 employees and thereby supporting   a company share to invest in their plans.

            Employees  who  complete  5  years  at
 them to create a competitive edge   Borusan Group can redeem their savings.      %83,5

 in their industries constitutes   At Borusan Group companies, total num-
            ber  of  employees  increased  by  7.5%  in
            2016. Women employee ratio increased
 the basis for the human resource   by half point and became 16.5%. We pro-

            vided more than 118 thousand hours of
 practices of Borusan Group   training to our employees in 2016 in both                     PROFESSIONAL
            professional and personal development
 companies. It’s fundamental for   contexts.              LEADERSHIP

            At  Borusan  Group  we  especially  aim  to
 the sustainability of our group   retain our specialist employees who take

            critical tasks and technical roles. In 2016,
 to attract talents and retain them   we started a project to describe Borusan’s
            technical  specialist  career development

 by constantly supporting their   model and the complementary technical/    OCCUPATIONAL
            occupational skill sets. In the coming pe-
            riods, we plan to review the critical techni-
 developments.  —   cal specialist roles biannually and take the   AND SAFETY            DEVELOPMENT

            necessary actions.
                                                                 %25                            %20

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