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 R&D and INNOVATION   Borusan Makina

            ve Güç Sistemleri

 As we continued our investments into innovation and digitalisation on one side in 2016, on   Lean Service
 the other side we made our companies adopt the Lean philosophy on a wider scale.

 These works resulted in cost reduction and new product development in Supsan, while we have   We had started the Lean Service Project in Borusan Makine ve Güç Sistemleri service organizations
 reduced the waste drastically with the improvements made under Lean Service Project implemented   in order to serve our customers faster and more efficiently.
 in Borusan Makine ve Güç Sistemleri.
            Thanks to this project, we have managed to get our technicians to know the Lean 6 Sigma equipment
            closely, and place the waste hunt right in the center of their workflow. Thanks to the initiative which
            was realized through the training programs and workshops with the participation of Gebze Campus
            CRC (Component Revision Centre) and Service Teams, new rooms for improvement were spotted,
 Supsan     27 being in CRC, and 26 in Diyarbakır. When we looked at these rooms for improvement, they varied

 Leadership in Grassroots Project  from environmental and structural problems that may concern the administrative department to the
            lack of tools-equipment, from irregularities in the exchange processes with the spare parts division to
 In Supsan, in order to focus on the career development of the factory workers, the “Lead-  the violations that concern the health and safety in the workplace.
 ership in Grassroots” concept was implemented. Through this process, we helped factory
 workers adopt Lean philosophy better, and integrate it into their daily lives. Under the direction   As the feedbacks were mostly focused on the wastes under the topics of action, stand-by and er-
 of the team leaders, many 10-step Kaizen and Before-After Kaizen projects were implement-  rors, we have noticed that there were actions available among them that were easy to implement yet
 ed, and major improvements were achieved in small steps.  would make an impact. A list of actions such as the elimination of oil accumulation in the workshop,
            prevention of air leakages in the compressors, and rearrangement of the materials that take up space
 Thus, the efficiency values increased continuously, making the production costs globally com-  unnecessarily within the workshop have been introduced in stages, and more are being introduced.
 petitive. Our employees’ loyalty has increased and they started to come up with innovative
 ideas all the time to take the company even further. Production cost excluding the raw mate-  Our greatest gain here is that our technicians in aforementioned locations embraced the progress
 rials was brought down from 1.49 €/valve in 2014 to 0.99 €/valve by the end of 2016.  culture, and had their motivations increased thanks to an environment where their ideas taken into
            account and they can have their voices heard in different departments within the company.

 Supsan Product Development Laboratory

 In 2016, we have targeted to increase our spare parts market
 share drastically in a short period by the introduction of 60 new
 products into our product range within 3 years, through the
 transformation project we have developed under innovation

 The main theme of the aforementioned project was to intro-
 duce new products to the market with Supsan quality. At the
 beginning of the project, a Product Development test and con-
 trol laboratory was designed aimed at the new product rang-
 es. The equipment acquisition was realized within that scope,
 and a state-of-the-art laboratory was born. Through this lab,
 6 projects and 17 new product ranges were commissioned in
 2016. A strong infrastructure was also established for the new
 products planned for introduction in the upcoming years.

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