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 Borusan Lojistik

 Port Site

 Expansion Investment

 We carried out port site expansion work to   lion.  With  this  investment  which  also  be
 create a safer storage area for the clients   effective in growing our market share, we
 in terms of occupational safety and client   increased the number of Ro-Ro lines to 5
 property in addition to fulfilling the neces-  by adding another one in October 2016.
 sity to increase the vehicle site capacity at

 Borusan Port due to growing vehicle in-  Borusan Port that focuses on preserving
 dustry.  natural resources and being sustainable in
 all its operations and offered services was
 Vehicle capacity at the port increased by   entitled  to  obtain  ‘Green  Port’  certificate   Borusan Lojistik
 40% as a result of the project which we   upon document and site controls conduct-  WPP* Logistics
 built closed, backfill storage on 28,5 thou-  ed by Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs
 sand m2 area with a budget of USD 3 mil-  and Communication in 2016.            (*WIND POWER PLANTS)

            Wind power has become one of the most              to reasons such as opening new roads.
            crucial  channels to  reach clean energy.
            We focused on heavy freight investments            We accomplished 10 sets of turbines
            to solve energy sector issues by devel-            transportation in 2016 for Fuat WPP.  We

            oping  beneficial  and  distinctive  solutions.    carried 30 rotor blades from 300 meters of
            We commissioned our rotor blade adaptor            sea level to 1,100 meters. We eliminated
            project, which makes a huge difference in          approximately 10,000 trucks load of exca-
            transportation of Wind Power Plants, as a          vation thanks to this technology. In addi-
            first in Turkey with a USD 2 million invest-       tion, we preserved ecological balance by
            ment. We expanded our heavy vehicle pool           preventing more than 100 thousand m  soil
            and increased our service capacity by in-          loss.

            vesting in new 8 and 10 axle trailers, 6x4
            tow trucks and rotor blade adaptor.                Our  first-year  target  is  to  carry  40  WPP
                                                               turbines of our 7 turbine producers. Also,
            Through blade adaptor technology, we can           we aim to carry 300 units of rotor blades
            carry rotor blades with a 50 degrees an-           and towers each annually in the WPP ex-
            gle from the ground, turning them 110 de-          port  market  originated  by  the  increase  in
            grees right or left. Hence, we reduce cost of      the number of local producers in parallel to
            building roads and minimize idle time due          sectoral development.

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