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 In  order  to  maximize  focus  on  material   the participation of members of the Boru-  Our top management also added Indus-  vant sections of our report, and data on
 aspects, we held the sustainability strat-  san Danışmanlık Board who are the gen-  try, Innovation and Infrastructure, Gender   our  group  companies’  performance  in
 egy workshop by gathering 25 represen-  eral  mangers  of  our  group  companies,   Equality, Quality Education and Clean Wa-  those areas are covered extensively in the
 tatives from eight group companies’ op-  we held a strategy survey to prioritize our   ter and Sanitation topics among our stra-  report.
 erational health and safety, environment   sustainability topics.  tegic topics. We updated Borusan Holding
 and quality departments mainly. Through   Materiality Matrix according to the results   The  main  objective  of  creating  such  a
 analyses  and  intensive  discussions,  we   Additionally,  our  employees  and  group   of the questionnaires.   matrix was to clearly identify aspects im-
 reviewed our material aspects in econom-  companies’ customers participated in the   portant to both our company and our key
 ic, social and environmental perspectives   strategy  questionnaires  we  organized.   The upper right-hand part of the graph dis-  stakeholders, and to develop our plans and
 separately and prioritized them for each   Through these survey we have gathered   plays aspects that are of high importance   set our targets around these aspects. In
 company.  their feedback regarding the topics they   for both our stakeholders and our group,   the coming terms, we intend to exchange
 expect  Borusan  Group  to  focus  on.  All   and influence our company’s performance   ideas with more of our stakeholders, and
 We  identified  mutual  topics  for  all  our   priority topics were the same for both of   directly  and  significantly.  These  aspects   to further develop the aspects and related
 companies. In the reporting period, with   our stakeholders.   constitute the main headings of the rele-  targets we will focus on. (GRI 102-46)

                                         Borusan Holding Materiality Matrix
 Employees’  Customers’
 Priorities  Priorities                                                                            HIGH

                                                                          • Decent Work
 Decent Work  Decent Work
                                                                           • Economic
                   Influence on Stakeholders’ (Assessments and Decisions on Borusan Holding)
                                                                • Industry, Innovation
 Economic Growth  Economic Growth                       • Quality Education
                                                                  and Infrastructure

 Partnerships for The Goals  Partnerships for The Goals   • Gender Equality

                                            Energy & Climate Action
 Affordable and Clean Energy  Affordable and Clean Energy  • Affordable and Clean
 and Climate Action  and Climate Action  • Clean Water and Sanitation

 Life Below Water and Life on Land  Life Below Water and Life on Land
                                    • Life Below Water
                                              & Life on Land

 (GRI 102-44)                    Significance of Impacts for Borusan Holding
                                      (Reputation, Regulatory, Financial, Operational)           (GRI 102-47)

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