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 ue  our  investments  in  innovation  and  we   panies in acquiring technology throughout   with  programs  we  organized  under  Boru-  In this context, in 2016 we maintained the

 plan on launching at least two new start-  2016. To reach our goal of establishing R&D   san  Academy,  to  develop  and  improve   support of Borusan Kocabıyık Foundation
 up companies and three new products over   centers in Borusan companies, in 2015 we   each level of employees. We continuously   to  education  institutions;  gathered  thou-
 the next year. In 2016, we prepared a digi-  applied to found the Borusan Lojistik R&D   improve our occupational health and safety   sands of music lovers with many prominent

 tal transition strategy and roadmap for the   Center  and,  with  Ministry  of  Science,  In-  performance with regard to our priority to   musicians  from  Turkey  and  from  around
 Group,  reviewing  the  experience  we  offer   dustry and Technology approval, the center   create  safer  and  healthier  workplaces  for   the  world  via  Borusan  Sanat,  presented
 our customers, the productivity of our inter-  became operational in April 2016. We have   our  employees,  customers  and  suppliers;   original examples of modern art to art lov-

 nal  processes,  newly  developing  techno-  made  TÜBİTAK  TEYDEB  applications  for   and our zero-accident objective.   ers  through  Borusan  Contemporary  and
 logical solutions, and business models. We   10 of the 17 R&D projects we launched in   worked for a more equal and fair communi-
 will  further  expand  our  companies’  com-  2016,  and  the  two  projects  with  complet-  We continue our projects that will contrib-  ty through our women empowerment prac-

 petitive power by executing this roadmap.  ed assessments have become eligible for   ute to the global sustainable development   tices. In the reporting period, we allocated
 TÜBİTAK funding. We have completed pre-  goals  of  United  Nations.  Detailed  infor-  USD 11 millions funds to community proj-
 In  accordance  with  the  Group’s  strategic   liminary studies and formed time, resource   mation  regarding  these  projects  is  given   ects.
 goals,  Borusan  R&D,  founded  to  develop   and  project  plans  for  the  37  projects  we   throughout  the  report.  We  give  back  to

 innovative,  high  added-value,  competitive   have planned for 2017.   community through our activities regarding   We hereby thank all our stakeholders, pri-
 products  and  processes  that  enable  our   education,  arts  and  culture,  environment,   marily  to  our  employees,  for  their  efforts
 companies  to  attain  the  required  compe-  We continued the training activities to sup-  human  rights  and  empowering  women   during our sustainability journey of creating

 tency and proficiency, supported our com-  port career development of our employees   along with our volunteer staff.   value.

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