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Dear Stakeholders,

            As Borusan Holding, we continue to share         We are aware that our business decisions

            our  sustainability  performance  with  our      have social and environmental impacts and
            stakeholders  through  our  reports  since       pay  special  attention  to  the  risks  associ-
            2009.  We  are  glad  to  share  with  you  our   ated  with  global  warming.  Therefore,  we
 [message from   seventh  sustainability  report  that  we  pre-  conduct studies to reduce the impacts of

            pared  based  on  the  new  GRI  Reporting
                                                             our  operations  on  climate  change.  In  this
            Standards.                                       regard, we try to develop more energy ef-
 group CEO]  Today, with over 8,000 employees in 3 con-      ficient processes in operations, save natu-

                                                             ral resources, and offer products that con-
            tinents and 10 countries, we aim to sustain      sume less energy.

            our  business  with  a  transparent  and  ac-
            countable management approach, respect           We continue to strive towards the goals in
            people and environment.                          our strategic plans with the essential aids
                                                             of  our  main  three  main  enablers;  innova-

            Our  consolidated  group  revenue  in  2016      tion, digitalization and R&D initiatives.
            was USD 4.3 billion, and operational profit
 — Today,   was USD 394 million. We continued to en-         Our  innovation  journey  gained  pace  with

                                                             the  maturing  startup  companies  and  new
            gage in many efficiency and saving oriented
 with over 8,000 employees in 3   innovative projects and investments in our   products and services added in our port-
            companies. We aimed to manage these ef-
                                                             folio.  With  the  investments  approximately
 continents and 10 countries, we aim to   forts with a wide sustainability perspective   amounting  to  USD  20  million  every  year,

            considering  their  economic,  social,  envi-
                                                             our five start-up companies already set up
 sustain our business with a transparent   ronmental and corporate impacts. In 2016,   on innovation field considerably increased

                                                             their business volume  in 2016. 6 new prod-
            the Group’s investments amounted to USD
 and accountable management approach,   204  million  which  was  mainly  accounted   ucts in the flat steel sector created USD 10
                                                             million in returns in their first year. Despite
            by the investments we made in our energy
 respect people and environment.  —   business.              difficult market conditions, we will contin-


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