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                Waste Water Disposal Efficiency Project

               The Auxiliary Units had a new pool built in Decem-
               ber 2016 with a USD 40 thousand investment as
               the waste disposal costs increased due to an in-
               crease in discharge water parameters in Borçelik
               treatment facility (namely chemical oxygen de-
               mand and iron). This prevented the additional cost
               induced by the rinsing waters sent from the CGL1
 — At Borusan Group companies,   Continuous  Galvanizing Line for disposal, while
               making the iron dust settle within the sedimenta-
               tion pool.
 we develop innovative solutions   RESULTS AND GAINS

 for the objective of using water   Flow rate control of the waste water coming
               from the production lines was achieved. The
               discharged water legal parameter performance
 efficiently, reducing water   was improved. Disposal costs were reduced to

               about TRY 10 thousand per month.

 consumption through reusing the

 water treated for our production   Borçelik

            Reverse Osmosis Waste

 processes and discharching   Water Recovery Project

 waste water without creating any   Industrial  water  recovery  was  targeted  from  the   RESULTS AND GAINS
            waste water of the existing reverse osmosis water
                                                                    > We have managed to regain water at the
 threats to the environment. —  demineralisation unit by reducing water consump-  flow rate of 13 m /h from a new RO system
            tion to protect the underground water resources.
                                                                    which uses waste water at the flow rate of
            During  this  USD  50  thousand  project  that  lasted
            from August 2016 until the end of the same year,        25 m /h.
                                                                    > We have increased the quality of
            waste water flow rate measurements and analyses         unprocessed water by transferring the end
            were carried out, and the infrastructure works for      product water to the unprocessed water
            the waste water recovery unit were completed.

 At Supsan, with a project to reduce water consumption in 2015, we   In  Borçelik,  we  have  finished  the  installation  of  a   > Thanks to the rise in the quality of the
                                                                    water that enters the system, the acid and
            new RO system for the reuse of the waste water
 reduced our 12 thousand tons of watwer usage to 11.5 thousand tons in   that is ejected from the reverse osmosis system   caustic consumption has been reduced by

 2016. With another project to treat spiral waste water at BMB, we could   that filters the well water. With this plant, we target-  20%.
                                                                    > In 2016 in 10 months alone, we
            ed to regain 40% of the RO waste water with a flow
 discharge the waste water to BUSKİ waste water treatment facility.  rate of 25 cubic meters per hour, which comes out   have managed to reduce our water
            of an RO system where the water consumption is          consumption by 108,291 cubic meters,
            90 cubic meters per hour.                               which amounts to 17% of saving in water.

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