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            Borusan EnBW Enerji
 WASTE MANAGEMENT  Construction Phase

            Waste Management

 — As Borusan Group which involves the leading

 companies of steel, dealership, logistics and

 energy industries, we act with the responsibility

 to protect the environment where we work and

 live in. —

 We intend to minimize the negative environmental impacts of our companies’ operational
 processes from product and service design and production to delivery and marketing
 phases. We extend the scope of practices that involve processes such as reduction
 of natural resource usage including water consumption and prevention of waste at its


 Improving Process of

 Degreasing from Waste Oil Water  For  minimizing  environmental  impacts   against leakage and eruption risks, neces-
            and  effectively  monitoring  environmental        sary equipment is supplied, and on-going
 A need for an improvement in the degreasing process   processes  during  Kartaldağı  Wind  Power   matters are conveyed to operation team to
 of the contaminated waste water arose due to the in-  Plant construction that was started in June   ensure the process is seamlessly carried
 creases in the waste oil water ratio and the cost of the   2016,  work  led  by  Investments  and  HSE   out in the future. Besides, waste during the
 chemicals in the treatment unit. Emulsion process was   (Health, Safety, Environment) Departments   construction stage to be disposed without

 revised through a Project by Auxiliary Units with a 3,500   has commenced.  harming the environment, hazardous waste
 TL investment. The inputs were standardised through           to be carried away from the site by regis-
 measurable data, thereby maintaining the same quality   Within  the  framework  of  Kartaldağı  WPP   tered companies, and recyclable waste
 of emulsion in each operation. This increased the emul-  project, for preserving soil and natural re-  to be handed to licenced companies are
 sion volume, and reduced monthly emulsion numbers.  sources;  intervention  plans  are  made   managed.

 The employee motivation increased thanks to the reduction of the workload. The efficiency   Besides creating awareness of environmental protection both in the investment team and
 in waste oil increased, the use of chemicals decreased. The cost of chemicals is reduced by   the teams of contractors and subcontractors, contribution is achieved in compliance with

 about 40%. The return of the 5 months following the Project was USD 2,800.  environmental procedures and preserving national values.

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