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              Borusan EnBW Enerji Good Energy

              Trainings for Future Generations
              In order to increase the level of
 Reducing Natural Gas
              consciousness about wind power
 Consumption at Regeneration Plant  at the two premises of Borusan
              EnBW Enerji, Renewable Energy
 Since failures and unplanned stoppages
 at hydrochloric acid regeneration plant   Resources and Energy Efficiency
 increase natural gas consumption, for   Tips training is provided to primary
 reducing it and stabilizing production, an   and vocational school students in
 improvement project has done in 2016   2016 May by our six employees.
 with  a  budget  of  USD  10  thousand.
 During  the  project  operational  practic-  30  students  from  Murat  Hasan
 es and maintenance rules are reviewed.   Orhan Primary School near
 Alarm  limits  are  determined  for  critical   Balabanlı  WPP  and  Çanakkale
 parameters. Automation system is built                RESULTS AND GAINS
 to save process data continuously.  We   Vocational School near Koru WPP   Knowledge and interest levels of the target
 set our target for the natural gas con-  completed their  trainings with  a   audience increased. We plan to give these
 sumption which is 120 sm /m  HCI to be   visit  to  Wind  Power  Plant  after   trainings regularly every year and train 400 new
 108 sm /m  HCl.  receiving 1-hour theory training.    students in 2017.
 By decreasing natural gas consumption and reducing equipment cost saved us   Borusan Lojistik

 USD 200 thousand in annual terms. HCI regeneration capacity is increased to
 reduce HCI disposal and consumption amounts. Also, 1,372 kCO /year emission is   LED Conversion of the Lighting Systems
 prevented.   in Port Area and The Cranes

            In order to reduce the illumina-    TARGETED GAINS

 Borusan Lojistik   tion costs and improve on the
            legally mandatory illumination      ECONOMICAL We switched to a higher efficiency, longer
 We set our targets with ‘The Green   levels in Borusan Port thanks to   life illumination type which will save 1.5 million kWh energy
            the energy savings up to 80%,       every year. (This new system has up to 20 years of opera-
 Player of the Grey Industry’ motto!
            we started the LED Conversion       tional life, with first 5 years under manufacturer’s warranty.)
            Project, the first phase of which   ENVIRONMENTAL We contributed to Green Port works.
 In order to reduce carbon emissions, we initiated a program with our sup-  was completed in 2012-2013   We adopted systems that are more environmentally con-
 pliers named ‘Quick Card’. We make 24 million litres of petrol sales with this   period. With the initial budget of   scious, less energy consuming, producing less harmful
 card each year. This number shows us that half of our suppliers quit using   USD 288 thousand, we had our   waste, and lasting longer in operational life. With this sys-
 number 10 lubricant as petrol and instead began using diesel.  suppliers  carry  out  field  tests   tem, 665 tons less CO  emission will occur compared to
            and measurements, and made          the old system.         2
            custom LED fittings. We dedi-       CORPORATE It is an example application for offering cost
 RESULTS AND GAINS  cated a budget of TRY 1.3 mil-  advantages, helping build a better working environment
 We prevent 33,294 tons of CO  emission yearly by this incentive.   and increasing employee satisfaction, and serving our
 2          lion for the continuation of the
            conversion in 2016.                 green port targets.

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