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 AND COMBATTING   Project to Reduce Energy Consumption

                 A new system was launched with a budget of USD 25 thousand in 2016 to
 CLIMATE CHANGE  reduce production cost via monitoring and reducing energy consumption in

                 RCM –reversible cold mill lines. Hence, cost reduction and energy consumption
                 reduction in un/planned stoppage of the RCM lines that consist of 44.5% of the
                 total installed capacity are targeted.

                 RESULTS AND GAINS
 — Every year at Borusan Group   While saving USD 130 thousand annually, approximately 715 tons CO  emissions
                 are prevented. In addition, production and maintenance software is produced for
 companies, we develop innovative   monitoring energy consumption model in the scope of the project, which supports
                 our strategy to reduce costs by maintaining energy efficiency.
 solutions to cater for the purpose of using

 energy efficiently, reducing green house                                                Borçelik

 gas emissions and fighting against climate              LED Lighting Automation

 change. With our renewable energy                                         In 2016, LED fitting tran-

 generation investments which play an                                      sition is done with a bud-

                                                                           get of USD 44 thousand
 important role in reducing risks of climate                               to utilize daylight in light-

                                                                           ing and prevent fittings to
 change, we prevented about 666 thousand                                   be  on  while  the  daylight

                                                                           is adequate at 3 halls of
 tons of CO  emissions in 2016. —                                          Borçelik  production  line,

 2                                                                         and  to  comply  fully  with
                                                                           TS EN 12464.

                                                                           RESULTS AND GAINS
 We intend to reduce our group’s carbon footprint constantly through       The return on investment
                                                                           duration was 9.6
 energy and emission management practices we initiate. We define           months. Work conditions

 strategies that turn environmental risks into opportunities at group      improved due to
                                                                           compliance with TS EN
 companies, and achieve solid results such as energy saving, material      12464. Energy saving of

 and natural resource efficiency by means of our good practices.           45,700 kWh/month for
                                                                           the 3 lines is achieved.

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