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 Borusan EnBW Enerji

 Ornithological Observation

 Studies during Construction and Operation Stage

 During  the  construction  and  operation  stage  of   TARGETED GAINS
 Balabanlı,  Koru,  Fuatres  and  Kartaldağı  Wind
 Power  Plants,  Investments  and  Operations  De-  ENVIRONMENTAL Sustain wildlife,
 partments initiated ornithological observations   primarily birds, in the region.
 for 2 years to minimize environmental impacts,
 observe wildlife around the plants and maintain   SOCIAL Contribute to the preservation
 sustainability.  of national values by complying with
 environmental and social procedure
 Studies were carried out during Spring and Fall   and conserving the environment.
 with a USD 50 thousand budget. Ornithological
 observations were conducted and reported in   CORPORATE Continue with the
 cooperation with Akdeniz University. The turbines   observation in the following years
 sometimes are stopped when necessary by the   if required by experts and official
 direction of experts in order to eliminate negative   institutions.  Borçelik
 impacts on birds.  One Sapling for

             One Coil Project

 Borusan Lojistik   For  each  coil  produced  at  Borçelik,  a  sapling  is   TARGETED GAINS
             grown. These saplings are grown in a facility built on
 Target of 1 Million Trees  a 2,000 m2 site within the factory premises. Gener-  ECONOMIC Supporting villagers to
             al Directorate of Forestry data show that 2,350,000      gain income through stone pines in
             trees burned each year in the last decade across
 As Borusan Lojistik, with the objec-  RESULTS AND GAINS              the long run.
 tive  of  carbon  footprint  reduction   97,000 hectares of forest area. Therefore in 2016,
             Borçelik  Corporate  Communication  Department
 works in the scope of our combat                                     SOCIAL Encouraging tree planting,
 SOCIAL      took  voluntary  action  in  cooperation  with  Green-
 against  climate  change  policy,  we   Toplum için daha yeşil bir çevre ve daha   enjoying nature and enhancing social
 aimed to plant 1 million trees. Since   temiz bir hava yaratılmasına katkı sağladık.  house and Plant Growing Club to plant trees.  responsibility consciousness
 2011, for the project that is carried
             We intend to create forest areas by growing 200
 out with a budget of TRY 6.5 mil-  ENVIRONMENTAL                     ENVIRONMENTAL Building forests
 lion in İzmir Ödemiş, and the objec-  We helped restructuring and preservation   thousand  saplings  each  year  for  5  years  with  a
 tive to eliminate the environmental   of İzmir-Ödemiş habitat.  budget of TRY 100 thousand and 1 million trees in   by forestation of appropriate lands,
 damage  caused  by  the  industry,   total. The grown saplings are gifted to schools, uni-  preserving nature
             versities, public institutions, municipalities, clients
 Çekül  oversees  plotting,  plant-  CORPORATE
 ing trees and maintenance works.   We corroborated the perception of ‘Green   and factory employees for planting. The saplings   CORPORATE Corroborating the
 We completed the planting of 590   Player of the Grey Industry’ and eco-  not distributed during the year are donated to Re-  eco-friendly company image of
 thousand trees by the end of 2016.  friendly company.  gional Directorate of Forestry with the provision to   Borçelik

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