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 Borusan Makina ve Güç Sistemleri   Borusan

 Vocational High School Coaches   Otomotiv Group

 Vocational High School Coaching Program is a   ine ve Güç Sistemleri Ocean Volunteers and   We are Against
 corporate social responsibility practice led by   performed volunteering activities with a budget   Ignorance! Target is   RESULTS AND GAINS
 Private  Sector  Volunteers  Association  initiated   of TRY 1,550 in excess of the 50-hour target.
 for the volunteer coaches chosen among em-  They met and had coaching activities with 45   2,000 Books!
 ployees to serve for 2 years.  students which included students from Mimar   ECONOMICAL We built a 2,000-book
 Sinan  Industrial  Vocational  High  School’s  Ma-  The survey we conducted among Borusan   library together with its equipment
 The purpose of the program is to create lasting   chinery Plant & Equipment Department.  Otomotiv Group employees brought out a   inventory for just TRY 5,000 from
 collaborations between companies and voca-  demand from Ocean Volunteers to focus on
 tional high schools, allow relationships that be-  In the meetings that took place in three week   producing projects for children. This led us to   company budget.
 gin with coaching practices to turn into oppor-  intervals, studies were done with students on   a decision to start a library project. As a first   SOCIAL We built a library comprising
 tunities like internship or employment provided   topics such as Safely Toward the Target, Time   modern and up-to-date books where
 to students, and supporting other investments   Management, Continuous Learning and Devel-  step, we spotted a school without a library
 that might be done in vocational high schools in   opment, and Responsible Citizenship. Expe-  and  made  a  shortage  and  requirements  list   approximately 750 students who study in
 the long term.  riences were  transferred, and  guest  speakers   for it. We started the process of supplying the   Istanbul Küçükçekmece İnönü Secondary
 shared their success stories. We are aiming to   equipment such as the bookshelves, desks,
 In 2016, nine of our employees actively worked   continue this program until 2018.  chairs, maps, computers etc to be placed in   School can benefit from.
 project under the leadership of Borusan Mak-  the library.     ENVIRONMENTAL The library also
                                                                contained books with content to feed
            In addition to our 30 employees who are ac-         environmental awareness.
            tive supporters, a number of our external           CORPORATE Thanks to this campaign,
            stakeholders also volunteered to support the
            project:  U-Medya  Film  Productions,  Roka         a sense of volunteering for a common
            Davet, Meta İnşaat, Boogy Event, Smartis and        cause developed among the employees
            Akmanlar Grup also donated books.                   of Borusan Otomotiv Group. The Ocean
                                                                Volunteers have further plans to realise
            We aspired to spread this book donation
            campaign operation to all Borusan Otomo-            another library project in a different
            tiv branches nationwide. To achieve that, we        school in 2017
            gathered the list of books suitable for curric-
            ulum in a link with the help of a mobile web
            page designed by a partnership of hepsibura-
   and made it possible for everyone to
            be able to donate books online.

            In the short film prepared for the book dona-
 ECONOMICAL We believe that this program will help grow business people who will add value   tion  campaign  awareness,  we  placed  “I  Am
 to the country’s economy in the long run.  Against  Ignorance!  Target  is  2,000  Books!”
 SOCIAL We supported the vocational high school students in their attendance to their schools,   messages from various levels of employees
 their success stories, profession gaining, and professional and personal developments by   in Borusan Otomotive. At the same time the
 introducing them to people who could be role models to them.  film was webcast in Facebook as advertised
 CORPORATE Another new and effective practice has been initiated in Borusan Group which   content, which enabled non-Borusan Otomo-
 stands out with the importance it gives to contribution to community  tiv people donate books as well.

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