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 Borusan Holding

 Micro Finance Branches

 In 2009, we opened our first Micro Finance Branch in Afyonkarahisar, the birth place of
 our founder and honorary president Asım Kocabıyık, in order to realize our goal to support
 women entrepreneurs. The second Micro Finance Branch is opened in 2013 in Bursa,
 Gemlik where Borusan Holding owns a large industrial campus including a port. To date,
 we provided TRY 5.5 million loans to women entrepreneurs through both Micro Finance
 branches to support them for establishing and developing their own businesses. In 2016,
 number of women entrepreneurs who received micro finance loans reached 2,800.

 Let’s Code, Girls!


 Borusan launched the Let’s Code, Girls! proj-  of electronics, gaming, animation and story
 ect to enable girls to develop computer skills   programming, and simple robot design using
 compatible with the 21st century information   basic electronic modules and 3-D printing in-
 technology era and to take steps towards a   tegration. The girls came up with interesting
 future of equality.  and creative projects as a result of their train-
 ing.       A Corporate Volunteering Initiative:
 The project, conducted in March 2016 at the   The Borusan Ocean Volunteers Platform
 Borusan Gemlik campus, targeted plant em-  The project was extended to include the chil-
 ployees’ girls aged between 7 and 14. In the   dren of employees at the Borusan plants in
 first phase, the project taught 60 girls how   Sefaköy and Halkalı and an additional 90 girls
 to code with classes in the fundamentals   aged between 7 and 14 received computer   Founded  in  2008,  the  Borusan  Ocean   Group companies and their employees
 programming training at these campuses.   Volunteers Platform enables Borusan   unceasingly work towards repaying their

            employees to direct their knowledge and            “debt of gratitude to the country.”
 Borusan collaborated with the UK-based
 KızCode (GirlCode), which demonstrated its   skills into social responsibility projects in
 success by winning the best social respon-  the fields of education, culture and arts,   Borusan Ocean Volunteers Platform of-
 sibility  initiative  award  from  the  Ministry  of   the environment, and human rights.  ten collaborates with NGOs on projects,
 the Interior and the Universities Association
 in 2015. The Let’s Code, Girls! project won                   including blood donations, book dona-
 the International Corporate Social Responsi-  In 2016, the platform conducted 3,772   tion drives, shore and sea cleaning, book
 bility award as part of the International Young   hours of volunteer activities with the par-  reading for the blind, mentoring, and
 Entrepreneurs  and  Leaders  platform’s  2nd   ticipation  of  599  volunteers.  Borusan   school friending programs.
 International Corporate Social Responsibility
 (ICSR) Awards.

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