25 November 2021

With a view to raising awareness on the issue in observance of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25, Borusan gives voice to women survivors of violence who could not speak up.

Focusing on the human aspect for the past 77 years, and in this context, viewing the realization of gender equality as a corporate responsibility, Borusan Holding has recently released a commercial video titled “Those who can't talk” to say #OpenYourEyes once again for women survivors of violence.

As part of the communication campaign called "Open Your Eyes" Borusan Holding launched on November 25, 2020 in honor of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in an effort to raise awareness on the forms of violence women experience, Equal Borusan Platform has carried out many activities in line with its mandate to strengthen gender equality within Borusan. The "Gender Equality and Domestic Violence Guide" published by Borusan Holding is designed to raise awareness on violence both at individual and corporate levels. It explores the forms of violence and defines all kinds of support mechanisms in this area. It also underlines that an equal world could be achieved only through greater awareness on this issue. In addition to the Guide, in order for this issue to be internalized by Borusan employees and stakeholders, banners which read "This company is closed for violence against women" were hung on up the walls of Group companies and factories. The discourse was also adapted via a location-based perspective with signs like "This meeting room / workshop / factory / facility is closed for violence against women".

Stressing out the importance of maintaining the efforts for combatting violence as long it continues to prevail, Borusan Holding released a commercial video titled “Those who don't talk” as part of the #OpenYourEyes campaign aimed at addressing the common problem of many women who could not talk about their experiences after having been subject to psychological, physical, sexual or cyber violence. Reminding people, once again, how difficult it is for a woman to talk about her experience of violence and seek help, Borusan reaffirms its zero tolerance against violence policy and how the company stands in solidarity with women.

Noting that gender equality is a key focus area for the company, Nursel Ölmez Ateş, Borusan Holding HR and Corporate Communications Group President, said “Violence against women, unfortunately, continues to transpire before our eyes, in all its realness. And we can say it has even gotten worse throughout the pandemic. In addition to physical violence, psychological violence has increased by 93 percent during the pandemic, and one out of every five people experienced cyber violence. While prior to the pandemic, it was reported that it would have taken 99,5 years for women to have equal rights with men, this year it was revealed that closing the gender gap at a global scale would require 135,6 years. The 36-year extension in the amount of time needed for achieving equality means that another generation will not live to see a world where gender equality prevails. As Borusan Group, we are ready to do whatever it takes to meet our responsibility in reducing this gap. With the "Gender Equality and Domestic Violence Guide" we published last year, we believe we were able to provide some guidance to women who are at risk for violence. We are well aware how difficult it is for a woman to talk about being exposed to violence. This is why, it is essential to hear them even if they don't talk, and recognize the signs of violence. With the commercial video called "Those who don't talk" we released to bring this issue under the spotlight, we urge everyone to open their eyes for women survivors of violence. As Borusan, we have zero tolerance for any form of violence, and we continue to work day and night to promote gender equality”.

About Equal Borusan Platform

Launched in 2015, Equal Borusan is a platform tasked with undertaking efforts for ensuring that gender equality is embraced and internalized at both corporate and individual levels. In line with its Equal Borusan vision, Borusan Group focuses on upholding gender equality across all of its decision making and implementation processes of professional life, adopt inclusive policies aimed at eliminating inequalities, and making a commitment to take action for addressing this issue.

“Those who don't talk” video link:

“Those who don't talk” Credits:

Agency: Çözüm / TBWA Group
Brand Team: Nursel Ölmez Ateş, Dilek Özkan, Öznur Halilcikoğlu, Sara Demirel, Büşra Yılmaz Can
Creative Team: Ozan Can Bozkurt, Tuğrul Mengi, Mine Yıldırım, Serim Poyraz Danışman, Gizem Tuncacı
Strategy: Ahmet Yener, Kerem Can Erdönmez
Customer Relations: Aslı Kutay, Sevil Zelzele, Dilay Dinçer
Production Company: DCİ Medya
Producer: Can Üner
Director: Doğuş Batar
Screen Director: Gökhan Arda
Post Production: Hugimu Medya
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