New Generation Transportation Model eTA Hits the Road to Reach Truck and Lorry Drivers

05 September 2016

Borusan’s new generation transportation model which brings together SMEs with truck and lorry drivers on a digital platform named Electronic Transportation Network (eTA) started a new activity with the slogan “On the Road for Those Who Spend Their Life on the Road”.

The study targets to reach 5000 truck and lorry drivers in 13 cities and 24 different points and introduces the company's own new generation working system with the campaign "My Road Companion eTA". As part of the activity, sports trainers explain practical exercises which truck and lorry drivers can do when they feel exhausted and sleepy after a long drive as well as the right positions that the drivers will need while driving.

The activity will start in Istanbul and will be organized in Kocaeli, Adapazarı, Düzce, Bolu, Ankara, Eskişehir, Kütahya, Afyon, Uşak, Balıkesir, Bursa and Izmir respectively throughout August and September.

Brief Information About eTA

eTA, eliminates all intermediaries that incur additional costs between SMEs and truck drivers and shares Borusan's experience, purchasing power and technological infrastructure within the logistics industry. It provides saving from resources (time and money) by creating job opportunities while ensuring that the trucks are constantly on the move. The savings provided are offered as cost advantages for the SMEs. This advantage can be reached immediately through a simple process with fast pricing and easy purchasing via a website supported with a dynamic pricing infrastructure.

In other words, SMEs purchase reliable and insured transportation services for shipping their loads which may be monitored 24/7 with the best price without paying any extra fees. Truck drivers who become eTA members free of charge receive their payments on time, in a reliable manner and from any payment point they request. Moreover, they also take advantage of the services which provide convenience such as return load planning and organizing their next jobs over eTA mobile application even when they are on the road.
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