Moms Have Jobs, Children have Future in Adıyaman!

25 July 2014
The first “Borusan Joy Factory”, which is a part of Borusan’s “My Mom’s Job is My Future” social responsibility project to construct daily child care facilities in 10 organized industrial zones across Turkey, opened in Adıyaman! The opening ceremony of “Borusan Joy Factory” took place with the participation of the Minister of Family and Social Policies Ayşenur Islam, the representatives of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and Borusan Holding CEO Agah Uğur.

A major step was taken in Borusan’s joint project “My Mom’s Job is My Future” with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. The first Borusan Joy Factory, which will be a part of “My Mom’s Job is My Future” project designed to open daily childcare facilities in 10 organized industrial zones (OIZ) launched in Adıyaman. The Minister of Family and Social Policies Ayşenur Islam, the representatives of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and Borusan Holding CEO Agah Uğur participated in the opening ceremony of Adıyaman Borusan Joy Factory.

In his speech, Borusan Holding CEO Agah Uğur explained the objectives of the project:

“Turkey’s aim is to be among the top ten economies of the world until 2023. To fulfill such a challenging target we need qualified, productive and hard-working labor force. The conditions that prevent women to join labor force in Turkey is especially a significant obstacle in achieving this goal. The female participation to labor force is, unfortunately, only around 28% and studies show that a major cause of this is due to child care obligations.”

Investing a significant deal to education, culture and art, Uğur emphasized that Borusan’s new focus in social responsibility is supporting women’s employment in industry and continued:

“We believe that women should have equal opportunities in business life and society. With this project, we create opportunities for women to participate in labor force by providing child care services. Thus, on one hand women will find opportunities to work in industry, on the other, children will have access to a valuable education to improve their physical and mental development. We sincerely believe that with projects like these, Turkey will grow in many respects.”

Borusan Joy Factory, also for Soma!

With a total capacity of 75 children, Borusan Joy Factory in Adıyaman became home to 34 child in the first week following its opening. Following the first Borusan Joy factory in Adıyaman, the second Borusan Joy Factory will be opened in Afyonkarahisar in September 2014.

Meanwhile, Borusan decided to construct another Borusan Joy Factory in Balıkesir organized industrial zone due to the tragic Soma mine disaster that took place in May. This daily childcare facility will especially give priority to the children whose families were affected by the tragic event and Borusan will provide scholarships to these child victims. The project will be completed when the other Borusan Joy Factories in the organized industrial zones of Malatya, Şanlıurfa, Çorum, Karaman, Ordu-Fatsa, Mardin and Diyarbakır will be opened.

A Great Support to Women with “My Mom’s Job is My Future!”

The daily child care facilities in 10 organized industrial zones within the scope of Borusan’s social responsibility project is expected to increase women’s employment rate in the industry. With “Borusan Joy Factories” women will work happily and comfortably while their children will be in a joyful, secure and healthful educational environment.

The Adıyaman Borusan Joy Factory, designed and built in accordance with a national architecture design competition, will support mental and physical development of children aged between 0 and 6, and develop their abstract thinking capability. In order for children to engage in activities in arts and culture, every classroom consists of a music and performance corners with numerous musical instruments and puppets. In addition, there is a backyard that has multiple plantation fields to raise their environmental awareness as well as their appreciation in sustainability.

The daily childcare facilities aimed to provide support for the families are operationally managed by the executives of the organized industrial zones and the monthly fee of the facility must be below the official minimum fee of that city.
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