eTA'S Growth Rate Tripled, The New Goal Is To Quadruple

19 January 2016
eTA, being an Electronic Transportation Network, took significant steps for growth in 2015. Growing by 3 times when compared to the previous year, eTA's new goal is to grow its business volume by 4 times in 2016...

eTA, being Turkey's new generation electronic transportation network, took significant steps for growth in 2015. Gaining 1000 new member customers and 5000 new member truck drivers, eTA increased its work volume by 3 times in 2015.

Unveiled by Borusan Lojistik and serving as a bridge between Small and Medium Size Enterprises and truck drivers for transportation business, eTA increased the number of customers in 2015 and increased its turnover up to TL 15.5 million by offering regular jobs to its 17000 member truck drivers. Providing corporate services to SMEs with cost advantage for their logistic needs and supporting them to achieve the optimum logistic costs, eTA also achieved to satisfy transportation needs of its 4500 member customers with timely vehicle provision by 95%. The evaluation surveys proved that satisfaction achieved for 16000 transportations has been by 96%. In order to ensure the sustainability of this achievement, eTA insures all carriages and optimizes the service quality by tracing the trucks 24/7 thanks to the technological investments.

Taking important steps to make the lives of of SME and truck drivers easier in 2015, eTA renewed its website to accord with customer expectations and simplified membership procedures. It also allows users to request quote without login as well as to get the opportunities thanks to "eTA-Puan" customer loyalty program. With the mobile application that started to appear on app stores in August 2015, eTA truck driver members were able to have mobile access to job opportunities at any time, anwyhere.

Intending to maintain the growth achieved by it, eTA General Manager Hamdi Erçelik Erçelik provided some details about eTA's plans for 2016 and said:

"We consider 2015 as an important period for the growth and development of eTA and we intend to grow further in 2016. We are making plans and undertaking activities to create more benefit to truck drivers, who are both our customers and suppliers, to increase the job volume by 4 times, to reinforce the systemic infrastructure in doing so, to offer easier options to our customers through mobile apps, and to make sure truck drivers enjoy the advantages of working with eTA to the maximum extent. Standing out as a new approach to the traditional transportation business, we believe that eTA's achieving higher volumes will also play an important role for electronic transformation of the logistic industry."
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