Borusan Technology School promises young people equal opportunities in education

At Borusan Technology School established by Borusan Holding in partnership with the youth platform Toptalent, young people will have access to educational opportunities. As part of the project where volunteering Borusan employees will make videos in the field of technology, students will have free access to the training contents under 8 headings for a year. Borusan Technology School project will be implemented by Borusan Holding - one of Turkey's leading companies, with a reputation for operating in several fields as well as investing in equal opportunities, education and arts. Aspiring to promote equal opportunities by reaching out to young people through such an essential tool, i.e. education, Borusan will provide free access to the trainings to be delivered as part of this project. Training videos will be publicly available and free for a year Within the scope of the project carried out in partnership with the youth platform Toptalent, volunteer trainers from Borusan have developed training contents in the field of technology. The project's target audience would be university students and new graduates, and it is designed to offer students with insight on artificial intelligence, software and robotics while familiarizing them with the technologies employed at Borusan. 10 trainers from Borusan Mannesmann, Borusan Lojistik, Supsan, Borusan Cat, Borusan Otomotiv, Borcelik and Borusan EnBW Enerji have produced a series of videos about 8 different topics, including fields of work of engineers, artificial intelligence, automotive technologies and the future of mobility as well as automation technologies. The training videos will be publicly available for free on Toptalent Business School (Toptalent's training platform) website for a year. At the end of each module, the students will be requested to take a test, and those who score 80 percent or higher will receive the Borusan Technology School Certificate of Achievement. “Our goal is to raise awareness among the talents of the future” Stressing out the emphasis they place on equal opportunities in education at Borusan, Nursel Ölmez Ateş, Borusan Holding HR and Corporate Communications Group President said: We must provide young people with the opportunities they need, and start working today in order to design the processes of how we carry out our operations and shape the technologies of the future. I believe Borusan Technology School will prove to make a difference in this regard. The project also aligns with Borusan’s sustainability focus areas of innovation and human aspect. We implement this project to get the talents of the future prepared for venturing into the business world, promote Borusan to young people with an aptitude for engineering and technology, raise their awareness and create a repository through which Borusan would meet its need for young talents. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for Borusan employees who volunteered for this project. The videos they have made for their future colleagues are priceless.” To watch the promotional video, please follow the link:

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