Borusan Lojistik’s eTA Became the 3rd Largest Digital Logistics Platform in Europe

03 March 2019
Turkey's first and only Digital Logistics Platform "Borusan Logistics I eTA", grew 5 times in the first 8 months of 2019 compared to the same period of the previous year; became Europe's 3rd largest logistics platform and with 156 thousand registered number of trucks, it became the most reliable companion for customers.

As a result of developing technologies and trends, the share of digital platforms in total trade is increasing day by day in a world where consumer habits and ways of doing business are changing. TUBİSAD data indicates; in the last 3 years, e-commerce industry in Turkey has grown 41% on average each year and 67% of consumers have done online shopping at least once.

Predicting that this transformation will be effective in the B2B world, Borusan Lojistik started its digital platform design by establishing its R&D center in 2011 and developed its online platform eTA with its own engineers by combining its logistics expertise with digital technology investments.

Research shows that Turkey logistics sector stakeholders manage business process in solitude and worry in their own corners. Since there is no integrated process management between the customer, driver and logistics officer, who are all working towards achieving the same goal; stakeholder satisfaction and sector efficiency decrease.

Borusan Logistics General Manager Mehmet Kalay explained how eTA resolved these concerns:

“The solution to the concerns of stakeholders in the logistics sector is to make the industry more digital, more integrated and more human-oriented. When you bring together all stakeholders, including customers, truckers and logistics companies, on a digital platform, most of the problems are automatically solved with the eTA platform. With eTA, we offer fast supply, accurate price, quick offer, instant payment, 24/7 vehicle tracking, timely delivery and instant reporting.”

More than 150 thousand trucks and 18-wheelers are registered in the eTA Platform. While joining this system, the drivers, who share all their documents with Borusan Lojistik, create a supplier pool that fully meets the expectations of the cargo owners. All cargo and shipments are delivered to the delivery point with Borusan Lojistik assurance via eTA, which provides the opportunity to track the arrivals of the vehicles to their starting and stopping points. The platform, established with and Microsoft Azure infrastructure, provides services in a cloud environment that enables to manage both daily operations and application updates very easily.

As of August 2019, 156,051 trucks were registered on the eTA platform and the eTA mobile app was installed on 36,434 truckers' phones. 6,218 of these truckers participated to bids in August and made 38,083 trips.

On the other hand; The new payment system designed by Borusan Lojistik for truck and 18-wheeler drivers was launched in eTA Card. The prices of the trips carried out on the eTA Platform with eTA Card are instantly transferred to the truck and 18-wheeler drivers. While eTA Card offers safe and timely payments, it has also become a “digital marketplace” that will provide advantageous shopping for truck and 18-wheeler drivers, such as fuel, tire and ferry tickets.

Kalay completed his remarks by saying:

We will continue to expand the eTA Platform, which we have made into the third biggest digital platform of Europe, as a “companion” that resolves the concerns of our stakeholders and increases their hopes.
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