Borusan Launches Sustainable Procurement Policy

Pursuing an inclusive sustainability strategy across the focus areas of climate, human, and innovation, Borusan is committed to raising awareness on sustainable procurement. As an organization that places great importance on ensuring that the culture and understanding of sustainability is also embraced by its stakeholders, Borusan breaks new ground by implementing a Sustainable Procurement Policy, alongside the self-assessment form and guide it offers to its suppliers.

Borusan has been promoting inclusion across its sustainability focus areas, i.e., climate, human, and innovation; and now, it leads the way for other holdings on that front with the self-assessment form and guide it has prepared exclusively for its suppliers. The company has recently launched a Sustainable Procurement Policy, as a sign of the emphasis it places on ensuring that the culture of sustainability is also embraced by its business partners and stakeholders. Calling out its stakeholders to make sustainability more systematical and enhance utility, Borusan is taking responsibility to include all its business partners in the ecosystem of sustainability.

Formulated under PwC Türkiye’s guidance, the Sustainable Procurement Policy is designed to disseminate Borusan’s understanding of sustainability across its business partners, and make sure that all suppliers on the procurement portfolio work in line with the environmental, social and governance expectations as well as the sustainability approach of Borusan.

“Our aim is to raise their awareness on sustainability”
Commenting on this new milestone, Borusan Holding Chief Human, Communication and Sustainability Officer Nursel Ölmez Ateş said “Borusan Sustainable Procurement Policy happens to be an outstanding and major step towards our target of building a supply management system that is in line with the sustainable procurement criteria, which is one of our circular economy goals. By virtue of this policy, our plan is to raise awareness on sustainability among our suppliers, by promoting compliance with the environmental and social criteria we have set at Borusan. This is how we contribute to the ecosystem of utility, and make an exponential impact with the help of our suppliers. We believe, disseminating the culture of sustainability and raising awareness this way will help us get much better results.”

Suppliers committed to disseminating the sustainability policy will be prioritized
Head of Finance, Financial Affairs and Shared Services and Borusan Group CFO Barış Kökoğlu indicated that suppliers who comply with and promote the dissemination of Borusan Sustainable Procurement Policy across their own supply chains will be prioritized when they look for suppliers to procure products or services and he added “We expect our suppliers to take responsible and substantial action to address issues such as carbon emissions, understanding of circularity, sustainability management, ethics, occupational health and safety as well as equality and inclusion. Procurement teams of all our Group companies will be involved in the project, and we will make sure that ours is a lively policy that continues to evolve and let our experience shape it.”

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