Borusan Holding Signed The 2°C Communiqué Against Global Warming

24 October 2011
Borusan Holding signed the 2°C Communiqué, which calls governments to action to create solutions at international climate change negotiations and to take necessary measures to transition to a green economy.

Commenting on the Communiqué, Borusan Holding CEO Agah Uğur pointed out that climate change is one of the most important problems the world has come face-to-face with and that Borusan as a corporation will take place in every aspect of the fight against climate change.

Borusan Holding took its place among pioneering global companies, by becoming one of the first signatories of the 2°C Communiqué within the scope of its sustainability approach.

Leaders of the business world from different industries, led by "Corporate Leaders Network for Climate Action, participated in the preparation of the Communiqué, of which the 5th edition was published this year. The Communiqué was prepared in 2007, before the United Nations Climate Change Conference, for the first time and received great support from the business world as well as non-governmental organizations. Since 2007, the revised Communiqué was published just before the United Nations Climate Change Conferences that take place every year and it won support from an increasing number of global signatories each time.

With the Communiqué, leaders of the business world are stating the great importance they give to climate change, sustainable development and green economy. In addition, the actions that will ensure green development are detailed in the Communiqué and it's brought to attention that the global warmth increase should be kept to 2°C maximum.

Stating that they give great importance to sustainability and that they will participate in every aspect of the fight against climate change, Borusan Holding CEO Agah Uğur commented on the subject:

"Climate change is one of the most important problems in the history of humanity. If public and private sector authorities don't take the necessary precautions in time, humanity's sustainability will be in danger. We believe the parties coming to an agreement at the UN Climate Change Conference which will take place in Durban will contribute to the successful ending of Rio + 20 meetings."

Global warmth increase should be limited to 2°C
2°C Communiqué points out that according to International Energy Agency's (IEA) data, global carbon emissions will reach the highest level ever recorded and stresses that if things continue as they are, the 2°C yearly increase limit will be exceeded. The Communiqué also puts forward its will of working with governments in developing solutions against climate change and calls governments to bring to life the following operations:

·   Collaboration is needed on the subject of climate change. The decisions made at the Durban meeting provide an important opportunity to achieve consensus at the Rio+ 20 meeting. This collaboration will also start the flow of funding.
·   Creating effective market mechanisms to determine carbon prices will contribute to achieving long-term stability. Governments need to implement national market based solutions.
·   Urgent funding is needed for the low-carbon and climate-resistant development model. The funding of the transition period is important because countries prioritize poverty, development and creating low-cost new business areas when it comes to using resources.
·   The innovation efforts toward new technology, ability and processes need to be encouraged. According to International Energy Agency's (IEA) study, in order for carbon emissions to be reduced by 50 % by 2050, governments need to support R & D work and the proliferation of new technologies, starting today.
·   Encouraging energy and resource efficiency will help fast and cost-effective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and it needs to be a prioritized goal.
·   Precautions should urgently be taken to protect and increase current forest areas.
·   Governments need to develop policies and do planning with a holistic point of view in order to provide infrastructure services that are resistant to climate change and with low carbon.

Borusan Group and Sustainability
In addition to having a comprehensive corporate social responsibility program on the subjects of arts, culture and education, Borusan Group:
·   Signed UN Global Impact in 2006,
·   Became the second member of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in Turkey in 2010,
·   Was one of the first 3 companies to sign the Cancun Communiqué in 2010,
·   Prepared a sustainability report in 2010, which was classified as an exemplary report by the UN,
·   Has been working to create an inventory of the greenhouse gas that its operations create,
·   Has been executing projects to increase energy efficiency,
·   Has made it a principle to respect the environment, nature and habitat in all its operations.
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