Borusan Group companies join UN Global Compact

11 February 2022
Borusan Group companies Borçelik, Borusan Cat, Borusan Mannesmann and Borusan Automotive Group become participating companies upon signing the UN Global Compact.

Borusan Group companies Borçelik, Borusan Cat, Borusan Mannesmann and Borusan Automotive Group joined the UN Global Compact, of which Borusan Holding has been a signatory since 2006. With its group companies joining the Global Compact, Borusan further consolidates its commitment to sustainability and continues to work for building a livable future.

As one of the largest corporate sustainability initiatives in the world, with more than 15,000 companies and 5,000 organizations based in over 160 countries, the United Nations Global Compact invites companies to take action through partnership for a sustainable and inclusive global economy that benefits the world, people, communities and markets.

Chief Executives of companies willing to join the UN Global Compact are supposed to sign a statement on behalf of their organizations, expressing that they would remain committed to upholding the 10 principles in four areas (human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption), report their progress in these areas on an annual basis and promote the United National Sustainable Development Goals.

Becoming drivers of sustainability

While Borusan Holding has been participating company of the UN Global Compact since 2006, 4 of its group companies have also become signatories after completing the procedure recently. Having joined the UN Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative, Borçelik, Borusan Cat, Borusan Mannesmann and Borusan Automotive Group have also assumed the role of closely following up, guiding and driving the sustainability agenda both globally and locally.

Borusan Holding focuses on incorporating sustainability into its business strategies, and works towards sustainability in an inclusive manner, with a focus on the human, the climate, and innovation. The Holding and the Group companies takes a strategic approach to sustainability, and they set specific targets for themselves after identifying their respective focal areas in which they are best equipped to work. Taking a holistic perspective based on the efforts of the sustainability teams, Borusan Group offers its companies opportunities to generate environmental and social benefit. Viewing sustainability as a process of creating lasting value rather than a means to business continuity and sustainable profitability, the Company also intyegrates it into its business processes.

“We're here to take ownership of sustainability as the entire Borusan Group”

Underling that they had been undertaking several efforts towards sustainability for more than 15 years at Borusan, Erkan Kafadar, Borusan Holding Group CEO said they were now stronger than ever in their journey of sustainability as they were on board as a team: “I am confident that, having joined this initiative, of which we have been a signatory and cherished deeply for more than 15 years as the Holding, Borusan Group companies will enhance the total impact of our group. We are committed to continue our efforts driven by this awareness and consciousness, and work, to the best of our capacity, to build a livable world.”

Inspired by the world, inspiring the future

Addressing sustainability within a broader framework, Borusan Holding and Group companies are engaged in a series of endeavors under the headings of climate, human and innovation, which it has established as its focal areas. Perceiving sustainability as generating benefit and working to ensure that the concept remains relevant as the company embarks upon a journey to become a 200 year-old company illuminated by the past and present, Borusan is inspired by the world in its undertakings to inspire the future.
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