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03 February 2016
Announcing its sustainability activities through reports prepared in line with international standards since 2008, Borusan Holding announced its Sustainability Report for 2014.

The sustainability report which was prepared with great attention were based on the United Nationals Global Compact Progress Report and Global Reporting Initiative (GRIP) reporting guidelines. Making sure that the sustainability report 2014 conforms to GRI G4 standard, Borusan Holding built its activities about sustainability which it named as "Borusan Path" upon environmental protection, employee rights, constituting the basics of its strategy.

Serving in six main industries in 4 main branches of activity, Borusan consolidated different priorities of these industries in the report. The report provides information about the performance results about economic, environmental and social activities of Borusan Mannesmann, Borçelik, Borusan Otomotiv and Oto Group companies, Supsan, Borusan Lojistik, Borusan EnBW Enerji and Borusan Makina ve Güç Sistemleri. Constituting 95% of the Holding's turnover, these companies cover all sectors in which the group is operating.

The report also includes important data about 2014. According to the report, an energy saving of 3,303 GJ was achieved throughout the Group and an emission reduction of 210,000 CO2e tons, and 84,450 m3 water was recovered. In addition, the training activities undertaken to support professional training of the people of Borusan ensured that a total of 2873 Borusan employees were given a total of 48959 person/hour training in 2014.

The report also includes future dreams of the employees in addition to the Group's sustainability goals and carries the common message of the people of Borusan: "We are working for a common goal all around the world; each day every job allows us to contribute a little more to our country and society and we proudly carry our corporate responsibility. Not only to make sure we have a tomorrow, but to make sure a have beautiful tomorrow... Not only for the future of us, but the future of all of us...
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