Borusan Cat Is Transforming Its Business Model With Digitalisation

06 March 2019
Starting off with the mission “We Produce Solutions”, Borusan Cat transforms its traditional business model with digital technologies.

Borusan Cat, the leading company in the heavy construction equipment sector in our country, held a press conference at the Borusan Cat Gebze Revision Center to introduce its technological solutions and revision center. In the meeting hosted by Borusan Cat Chief Executive Officer Özgür Günaydın, the company’s digitalisation journey, innovative business models and applications were shared. In the meeting, the impact of applications based on 'Internet of Things' (IoT) and 'Artificial Intelligence' technologies developed by the R&D department were also shared.

Müneccim: Data collected from 12,000 machines predict future malfunctions

Müneccim application, which is a breakthrough in the sector detects possible malfunctions in heavy construction equipment in advance.
86 percent of 15 thousand active Caterpillar heavy construction equipment in Turkey are equipped with IoT. With this technology, millions of lines of technical data flow to Borusan Cat every day from a minimum of 900 sensors of 12 thousand heavy construction equipment. This data provides a lot of information about that machine, including details like engine oil, pressure, temperature. Müneccim, which is an application based on instantaneous data, gives a warning by detecting a possible malfunction.
While the probability of malfunction was detected in 3 of 100 machines at the initial stage; at this point, 20 of 100 machines are detected for malfunction possibility with an accuracy of 85 percent. It is predicted that this Artificial Intelligence-based model will develop in the future and automatically start ordering parts for possible malfunctions. Thus, customers will benefit significantly in terms of efficiency and costs.
Efficiency in operations achieved through digitalisation
Thanks to the application called WeKing, a comprehensive operation management is carried out with technician planning, tracking and reporting from a digital and single platform. The robots in WeKing have made processes efficient, even optimizing the routes of technicians.
Borusan Cat makes business processes more efficient by investing in robotic process automation. Robots do all the routine repeated work in the accounting department. Investments in these areas allow employees to devote their time to more creative work. While the motivation of the employees increases, their commitment to work increases as well. 
Thunder: Detects malfunction from machine sound
Our R&D team is working on the voice diagnostics application called Thunder. Thunder listens to the sound of working equipment and warns about where the malfunction comes from. When this application is implemented, it will be available to all customers; customers will be able to solve their problems quickly and easily.
“Our main strategy is to transform from a heavy construction equipment provider to a solution partner for our customers”
Speaking at the press conference, Borusan Cat Chief Executive Officer Özgür Günaydın emphasized that “The company that started off 25 years ago with a team of 37 people and a turnover of $9.5 million continues today with more than 2,500 employees in 6 countries and a turnover of $1 billion.” and added:
“In the past 75 years, a product and service economy model has been implemented in the heavy construction equipment sector. In other words, we imported and sold machinery, and then provided fast and effective service. This business model has become insufficient to provide our customers with the best experience in changing sector and competitive conditions. We also work towards transforming the product and service economy into experience economy by adapting to change.  In this context, our main strategy is to become a solution partner for our customers with comprehensive and need-oriented propositions, from a heavy construction equipment provider. With the philosophy of "We Produce Solutions", we are working to become a "reliable solution partner" beyond supplying equipment to our customers and providing after-sales service. Borusan Cat sees digitalisation as a tool that will both maximize customer experience and increase productivity in its operations.”
Borusan Cat is among the most successful Caterpillar representatives in the world!
Borusan Cat, which started to work with world leading brand of heavy construction equipment Caterpillar in Turkey, in 1994; is today considered among the best representatives of Caterpillar worldwide and many of its applications are shown as examples in Caterpillar's global network of representatives. Borusan Cat started Caterpillar representation activities in Azerbaijan and Georgia in 1997, Kazakhstan in 1999, Kyrgyzstan in 2003 and in Far East Russia in 2015. Amur Machinery, one of the companies purchased in 2015 in Far East Russia, has been operating since 1996; Sakhalin Machinery since 2002 and Tekhnika Dalniy Vostok since 2008.
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