Borusan Appoints Erkan Kafadar Chief Executive Officer

10 January 2020
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Borusan Holding Ahmet Kocabıyık, who had assumed the position of CEO since the beginning of 2019, announced the new CEO of Borusan Holding with a company announcement. According to the announcement, Erkan Kafadar will become Borusan Holding's new CEO as of January 2020.

Erkan Kafadar, born in 1967, completed his undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Istanbul University and joined the Borusan Group in 1991 as a trainee. He worked in various positions at Borusan Birleşik Boru Fabrikaları (the preceding company of Borusan Mannesmann) between 1991-1995 and at the Export Department of Borçelik between 1995-1999.

Erkan Kafadar became the Export Manager in Borçelik in 1999 and a Member of the Executive Committee in 2002 responsible for Sales, Purchasing and Marketing. Kafadar, who was the General Manager of Borçelik in 2006, has had accomplishments in the merging, growth, development, branding of our Galvaniz, Kerim Çelik and Borçelik companies as well as their becoming the leading companies of the sector. After 2015, Kafadar continued to work as an Executive Committee Member at Borusan Holding and in time, he served as a managing member at Borçelik, Borusan Otomotiv, Borusan Araç İhale and Liman companies as well as a member of the Board of Directors in different group companies.

Chairman of Borusan Holding Ahmet Kocabıyık, stated his thoughts on Erkan Kafadar's appointment as CEO in the company announcement as follows:

“I assumed the position of CEO twice in various times and I have seen that today's CEO duty is different compared to what it was in the past and the position is more important today. In this fast-changing world, this task has a huge responsibility. Decisions made or endorsed by the CEO affect the lives of 50,000 people, including employees, our business partners working with us outside the Group and their families. Increasing the welfare of these people every year should be the highest priority of our CEO. Another important mission of the CEO is to prepare Borusan, a 75-year-old institution, for the next 100 years and to ensure that it exists at the end of 100 years. This role requires developing the right business strategies for all group companies, identifying the right transformation and growth steps to exist in a changing world, and working hard to implement this vision by involving all employees. Erkan is the right choice for this mission. I wish him success in this important task, and I look forward to hearing and seeing the success stories that he will create in collaboration with our entire management team, Managing Directors and General Managers. ”
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