An Innovative Step From Borusan Power Systems: Besys Light Tower

08 October 2013
In attempt for proliferation its product range with diverse and innovative products, BESys provides convenience of mobility with its Light Tower that can rapidly accommodate temporary lighting requirements, providing extremely practical and effective lighting source during the course of the installation operations performed at the night. Capable of providing the most analogous energy with that of the sunlight, Light Tower provides uninterrupted lighting.

Light Tower is made available to users as a practical product equipped with a mobility feature that provides a rapid solution for temporary lighting requirements. It provides remarkably practical and effective lighting for construction sites and during sports activities, concerts and other events as well as installation operations carried out at night.

Our Light Tower is also used by the companies operating actively in the field of the wind power station installations and petroleum exploration operations.

We also lease our Light Tower to customers to use for site lighting during shows and concerts.

Meanwhile, it is an extremely useful equipment for mining activities located at sites where lighting isn’t sufficient or not provided at all. It is also useful at road construction sites in maintaining the continuation of the operation without having to relocate equipment thanks to its long range of lighting.

Our references include the leasing transactions to Boydak Energy Company during the Redbull shows.

The entire BESys product range is manufactured in Turkey using our own production site for the majority and under the supervision of Borusan Machinery and Power System engineers. The products are manufactured with the contribution of the whole team in terms of views, enabling us to raise the quality of the products continuously and make modifications to accommodate the local market requirements.

This is the point where we differ from similar products. We work as a partner with our customers in the generator and construction equipment sector therefore, are able to check out their requirements at site and revise our production strategy accordingly. Such a flexible strategy increases our customer orientation in terms of the services we provide through our products. One example of such approach is the introduction of the product feature that allows the Light Tower employ just like a mobile generator during the day with the inclusion of external observation and socket panel on tap of the cab, which is designed to enable our customers access to all the information when the tower’s covers are closed.

To this end, the Light Towers we installed this year for our customers in Kazakhstan have proved to be a trouble free design which operates under ambient temperatures down to -40⁰C at night without having to provide an operator attention, and switches off automatically during the day. The solution provided was welcomed by the customers as a value-added application and considered as an exemplary application for our approach in providing solutions that are specific to our customers’ requirements.

Construction sites and their surroundings are challenging areas requiring uninterrupted work performance that calls for high level of physical effort. Due to the operation of extremely dangerous machinery and equipment at such sites, accidents and lack of attention as a result of tiredness are inevitable in the absence of necessary measures.

On the other hand, Light Tower marketed by BESys can effectively be used in order to minimize the risk of accidents and prevent accidents occurring due to lack of lighting.

The lighting equipment integrated with the construction machinery and equipment frequently falls short in providing sufficient lighting under prevailing conditions specific to the construction sites, lacking to provide sufficient visibility.

Under these conditions, sufficient site lighting for the safety of the operators and pedestrians will be a life-saving application.

Furthermore, Light Tower is equipped with the brake system that provides safety for the employees by effectively immobilizing the Light Tower during operation.
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