A Vehicle is Sold Every 50 Seconds

09 October 2013
Borusan Group company Manheim Türkiye, which established Turkey’s first secondhand auction system have become an automobile stockmarket with the intensive demand. Manheim which, thanks to the system, have become the alternative car supply center of auto showrooms and authorized sellers sells a vehicle every 50 seconds.

Manheim Türkiye, founded with the cooperation of Borusan Holding and world-leading auction company Manheim Auctions has been using Secondhand Automobile Auction System since 2001. Manheim Türkiye which became an automobile stock market due to intense demand, sells a car every 50 seconds with its auction method. Thanks to the system, Manheim Türkiye gets 60 % of its portfolio from corporate companies and 40% of it from authorized sellers and shopkeepers. With its system, Manheim creates a medium for safe, transparent and fast sale commerce for its members of over 3,000.

Manheim Türkiye General Manager H. Zafer Terzioğlu emphasized that although the secondhand sales increased only 10% in Turkey in comparison with last year; Manheim Türkiye which works with online and physical auction methods increased its sales by 40%. Stating that online auctions have started in 2012, in addition to physical auctions, Terzioğlu said: “Online auctions are %45 of the sales. We have increased our sales by 40% since last year. The most important factor in this increase is the Online auction method.”

Annual sales target is 50,000 vehicles

Underlining that since 2008 a total number of 60,000 vehicles are sold, Terzioğlu continued: “In 2012 we sold 10,640 vehicles and we are going to end the year with an increase of 40% and a total of 15,000 sales. For 2014 this number will be 20,000. As of 2017 it will reach 50,000.”

Terzioğlu who said that 60 % of their portfolio is made of vehicles from corporate companies and 40% of it from authorized sellers and shopkeepers underlined that most important feature of their company is creating a medium for safe, transparent and fast sale commerce environment. Terzioğlu who emphasized that they have a turnover of 4 million dollar last year said that they will reach to a turnover of 6.4 million dollars this year.

İstanbul and Ankara come first

Terzioğlu stated that the brands which drew attention when they are new are also on the focus when it comes to secondhand. He said: “We have 3,000 members from Bursa to Adıyaman throughout the country. Half of them are very active and 1,250 members join auctions on a weekly basis. Thanks to our scale, no matter how many cars we receive in our system we present the opportunity to sell them in a day. We attract attention of customers especially by offering a wide range.” Terzioğlu who also stated that 59.36% of the sales are from Istanbul added that Ankara is behind İstanbul with %15.68 and they aimed to increase the sales in other Anatolian cities by increasing Online sales.
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