37th Internatıonal İstanbul Musıc Festival

27 May 2009
At the promotion campaign of the 37th International İstanbul Music Festival, organized under Borusan Holding's main sponsorship, the 'new generation of audience" of the festival took the stage. Children of festival audience and friends of Borusan Kültür Sanat between the ages 1-3 participated in the photo shootings for the campaign. Festival posters, combining the excitement of the festival with the children's hopes will be on display throughout İstanbul. The opening concert of the festival on Friday evening, June 5th will be broadcast live on a giant display to be set up in Caddebostan and on www.borusan.com web site with the goal of bringing classical music to wider masses.
May 27th, 2009, İstanbul; At the promotion campaign of the 37th International İstanbul Music Festival, Borusan Holding, which has assumed the sponsorship of the festival for a ten-year period, gave the floor to children between the ages 1-3 as the new generation of the festival audience.
At the campaign where the children of the friends of Borusan Kültür Sanat voluntarily participated, the confidence in and hope for the future of Turkey is voiced through the festival. The campaign also attempts to underline the important impact of classical music on the development of a child's intelligence and personality.
The shootings for the campaign aimed at portraying the children in their most natural state. The spontaneous relationship developed by the babies with music and musical instruments led to colorful moments during the photo shootings. The warmth captured by the renowned photographer Tamer Yılmaz during the shootings was also reflected on the posters. The motley variety of posters designed for the promotion of the 37th International İstanbul Music Festival will be on display throughout İstanbul.
Last year, Borusan had organized its campaign "Music is Beautiful with Borusan" as part of the promotion of the festival and gathered the legendary names in the world of Turkish caricature, Ergün Gündüz, İrfan Sayar, Piyale Madra, Hasan Kaçan and Latif Demirci. The posters and advertisements, featuring the drawings of famous caricaturists in their unique styles interpreting the relationship between classical music and life, had met with great interest.
'We believe in classical music and in the future'
The opening concert of the 37th International İstanbul Music Festival will be performed by the Borusan İstanbul Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sascha Goetzel. The concert, which will be given on Friday, June 5th at the Hagia Irene Museum will also be accompanied by a performance by the dancers of the Vienna State Ballet.
This year, Borusan Holding will utilize a variety of practices to bring classical music out of the concert halls to a wider audience. Within this framework, the opening concert of the 37th International Istanbul Music Festival will be broadcast live on a giant display to be set up on the Caddebostan coast and on Borusan's renewed web site www.borusan.com. Everyone will thus be able to enjoy classical music in open air or in front of their computers.
Borusan Kültür Sanat Board of Directors Chair Zeynep Hamedi noted that they have been making every effort in order to keep the interest in the festival alive and added:
"In 2006, Borusan assumed the main sponsorship of the International İstanbul Music Festival for ten years. In this year's promotional efforts, we aimed at drawing the attention on the importance of raising the new generation with an awareness on classical music and on our confidence in them and therefore in the future. This year, we will hold a variety of events to spread the awareness on the festival to wider masses and particularly to children. During the campaign, children of ages 1 to 3 will convey our message to the wider masses in the most effective way."
The soloist of the concert to be given by Borusan İstanbul Philharmonic Orchestra on Thursday, June 18th, also at the Hagia Irene Museum will be world-renowned Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Florez. The concert will be conducted by Alessandor Vitiello and has already been marked as a major music event by music authorities.
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