24/7 Delivery with Bukoli
Smart Machines

03 February 2016

Thanks to the alternative delivery methods, Bukoli has eliminated the delivery problems in internet shopping, and now is providing 24/7 service thanks to "Smart Machines".

Bukoli's "Smart Machines" makes life a lot easier. The consumer choosing one of the mart machines as Bukoli delivery point to pick up the package will make the confirmation by entering his/her identity number and cell phone number on the cover of the machine. Then the "Smart machine" confirms the data through intranet, then the cabinet door including the package will open automatically and the consumer picks up his/her order. The Smart Machines whose information technology, technical infrastructure and production works are performed by Borusan team are now serving only at Yenikapı, Kozyatağı, Bostancı IDO port sides and Zorlu Center.
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