It all starts with an inspiration....

With our practices to reduce climate crisis’ impact, our human-oriented culture, our value to innovation, we are inspired by the world and we inspire a sustainable future.
We wish you to read our Borusan 2019-2020 Sustainability Report with pleasure.


Based on our sense of responsibility to our nature, we reduce our environmental impacts arising from our operations and create benefits for our planet by supporting healthy ecosystems.


We produced 3,600 GWh of clean energy with our renewable energy generation and best practice projects.

In 2019-2020, we avoided approximately 1,8 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

We recycled approximately2,5 million tons waste with our Zero Waste practices within the scope of the circular economy.

In 2020, we carried out 131 kg of waste cleaning in Gemlik Bay with Hull Cleaning project.


In the name of a human-oriented corporate culture and social development, we prioritize providing a happy, healthy and safe working environment for our employees.


With 11,757 employees, we operate in 3 continents and 12 countries.

We have increased the number of women working in Senior Management by %21

We reached a total of 100,000 viewers with the 2019 season concerts of BIPO and Borusan Quartet.

Borusan Sanat increased the number of concerts to 28 in order to adapt to changing conditions and turn these conditions into artistic benefits.

In 2020, 90% of our Borusan Group office employees held year-end performance interviews with their managers in person or digitally.

We have trained our employees for approximately 400,000 hours in professional and personal development issues in 2 years.

We create value with a total of 7,412 suppliers, 96% of which are domestic suppliers.

With " Borusan is Here", we continued to improve the process and system in terms of talent management, performance, education and development, social clubs, and benefits provided to the employee.

In 2020, we provided 24/7 consultancy services to our employees and their families 2,565 times through the Avita Employee Support Program.

In 2020, 21 Alpha Young Talents started their careers in Borusan Group companies while 62 Alpha interns started their careers in different companies full-time.

We published 166 stories in Borusan Turuncu Blog with the contribution of 110 authors. The blog has been viewed more than 665,900 times since it was posted.

Within the scope of our good practice projects, we have achieved a reduction of more than 80 % in the number of days lost.

In 2019-2020, we reached approximately 750 people with in-class and online seminars with the aim of raising awareness of Borusan employees and their families about male and female roles.

More than 1,000 Borusan Ocean Volunteer worked voluntarily for approximately 22,400 hours in 59 projects in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
By taking 10,000 steps a day at Steptember, we have helped children with Celebral Palsy take healthy steps.
A donation was made within the scope of the " Bidding for Kindness" started by Borusan Vehicle Bid.

By launching our Gender Glasses Program, we have set our 3-year goals within the scope of gender equality. Within the scope of our Gender Equality studies, we have also published our Domestic Violence Guide, which includes the types of domestic violence and violence.

We contributed to the collective against the pandemic by launching our Solidarity Support Platform during the pandemic period by saying that I protect my employees, my business and my stakeholder.

Within the scope of the #EducationonHanger, we have provided various support such as computers, internet packages, access to educational programs to approximately 12,000 university students who have difficulty accessing distance education.

During the pandemic period, Borusan Holding contributed TRY 5 million to the " Turkey Can Take of Itself " Campaign launched by the Presidency.


We are making investments in the fields of digitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship by taking action today for a sustainable future. We dream for a new era; we support innovative ideas.


We invested TRY 213,2 million in R&D activities in years of 2019-2020

In 2020, we provided 27,000 hours of annual workforce with the increase in speed and efficiency brought on by the introduction of more than 120 software robots and new processes.


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